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The biggest cable telecom operator in Bulgaria, blizoo Fiber Power needed a comprehensive eLearning solution to quickly transfer knowledge, create tests and track the progress of their employees. Melon learning management system met all these needs.

blizoo Fiber Power blizoo Fiber Power blizoo Fiber Power
blizoo Fiber Power
blizoo Fiber Power
blizoo Fiber Power


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blizoo Fiber Power is the biggest cable telecom operator in Bulgaria. Formed after a merger between the companies CableTel and Eurocom Cable, blizoo focuses on providing high quality telecommunications services and content for the home and office, including digital TV, HDТV, High speed internet and telephone services.

To be an adequate market player as a telecom company, blizoo needs not only competitive products but also an outstanding sales force that constantly improve their skills and knowledge and pursue high competence standards. One of the ways to achieve this is through regular training and testing the level of knowledge and competence of the sales force.


With employee competence in mind, the company recognized their need for a software tool simple enough to quickly transfer knowledge, create tests and track the progress of their employees on a regular basis. This tool had to be able to accommodate a large number of geographically spread users and an eLearning platform fit the bill for an efficient and cost-saving solution. 

The company set the following objectives for the implementation of an eLearning platform: ensure maximum efficiency of the training processes in the company, conduct simultaneous training for all sales employees, and optimize the training process within the company. 


blizoo had very clear requirements for their desired eLearning solution. The most important one was balance between the cost of the solution and its functionalities. Also very important was the level of support after implementation. Another key characteristic of the eLearning system was the possibility to create and update courses and especially tests internally.

Melon Learning corresponded to all of blizoo's functional requirements and at the same time Melon’s team offered an easy and short implementation process and responsive after-sale support. A month after Blizoo selected Melon, they were equipped with their own blizoo-branded online training program.


The blizoo eLearning portal targets the company’s sales consultants, sales managers and sales support. The main topics delivered through online training are: product training, new technology developments, IT systems, sales skills and techniques, end-of-course tests and exams, as well as other specific functional knowledge required in the company. The Blizoo eLearning Academy also gives the training team the option to quickly test employee knowledge as a software tool for evaluating training quality and defining training needs. 

One of the few challenges our client went through during the introduction of eLearning at the company, was to convince the employees in its benefits. This happened almost naturally with our user-friendly and easy to adopt Melon LMS and did not require any previous training of the end-users. 


  • The client is using Melon Learning on a daily basis;
  • In the span of a year, the company had developed 6 training programs and 16 exams as well as an Induction program for all new employees in Sales. 
  • The eLearning portal is accessed by 350 users in 41 locations throughout the country,
  • The users spent over 2,000 hours in online training for five months;
  • Most system users access it for reference very often as in their daily tasks they need content from all the online trainings that have passed;
  • The client saw a significant improvement, as they dropped the regular and repetitive courses and focused on other forms of training such as classroom and on-the-job training to achieve better results. 


“The eLearning system developed by Melon for blizoo’s Sales Department is a highly useful tool to achieve our training team’s goals. For us it is important to be able to distribute training materials very quickly and to simultaneously reach all sales channels of our department.”

Darina Todorova, Sales Training Manager 


“I’ve worked with other similar online training and assessment systems. What Melon’s system provides me with as an added benefit is the possibility to track the level of completion and the training results of the salespeople on my team. This gives me control over the time they spend on trainings as well as a clear view over their level of knowledge.”

Ekaterina Arnaudova, Area Manager