Melon comes with 18+ years of experience in building web applications, websites and intranet solutions.

We have successfully developed and continue to support a wide range of simple to robust custom-built applications.

Our team fervently embraces and promotes prevailing software development inclinations, lately machine learning and big data in areas like, but not limited to, business intelligence, automation, IOT integration and cloud solutions. The accumulated experience allows us to onboard and guide our clients through these powerful proponents recently leading the digital transformation.

Our strength in web development comes from five major factors:

Integrated solutions capabilities

Along with 100+ web developers, we also house just as strong mobile development talent for native and cross-platform solutions, both. Often, our clients would require a mix of web and mobile components, each with their own advantages.

End-to-end service

We are experienced and gladly challenged by entering projects at any stage of development. Most successful projects would involve our team from the system design and planning, all the way through maintenance and support, as we have maximum control over code and delivery quality.


15+ years of augmenting development teams for partners across a variety of industries and sizes, enabled us to establish an organic process we claim with full confidence delivers results.


Building on both our end-to-end service and technological flexibility, we developed an additional value-added service for our clients including everything from development support (e.g. CI/CD), through cloud-based and on-premise delivery, to SLA-based system maintenance.

Technological diversity

Most of our experience is on Microsoft’s development platforms, yet we have teams of PHP, Python and Java web developers. Our front-end development team is forward-looking and passionate about working with latest versions of contemporary frameworks and libraries, lately React and Angular.

Software solutions developed through a partnership with Melon’s clients:

Financial planning, controlling and forecasting system and a marketing communication planning tool for Philips.

Knowledge management system and scripting software for help-desk force at Coca-Cola Hellenic.

Seven sport event management applications with a common database for the Norwegian Olympic Committee.

Custom 360-degree evaluation tool for Telecom Austria.

Flexible reporting system for the M&A database for Smart VMA.

SharePoint online portal for cross-organization communication for McKeil.

Cloud-based medical questionnaire and response tracking.

Automation services and software bot management platform.

Second-screen application back-end for live television programs.

web technology

We focus on long-term projects and relationships but occasionally we take on sizeable and challenging website projects. Smaller, simple websites do not necessarily bring out our best performance and present a resource planning challenge.

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