System Support

Melon has been designing, implementing, optimizing and supporting IT infrastructures for more than 10 years. In that time, our team of system administrators has been constantly growing and accumulating assorted proficiency. That is why we confidently offer system support as a separate line.   

Melon can stay on top of all your IT needs so you can solely focus on your business. Throughout our battle-hardened experience we have generated time- and cost-effective proven solutions so now we can take the hassle out of any IT infrastructure and create competitive advantages for your business. 

Our services range from IT strategic planning to hardware support. Melon’s engineers can step in at all possible points – when setting up a new business or preparing for expansion. We can provide guidance with an existing IT infrastructure or design and implement a new one that will allow your business to grow.

Melon can also accommodate your digital transformation by choosing and maintaining the cloud services that best answer your business needs. 

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Listed below is just the beginning of the services we offer. We have hands-on experience in everything we provide.

Setting up or expanding a business

Melon will configure and implement a scalable IT infrastructure smoothly and quickly. We will ensure maximum reliability, ease of use and optimal performance. All physical and virtual machines will be managed by our certified engineers. We will take care of installing new work stations and software user accounts for incoming team members, as well as the complete setup for new offices with long-term efficiency in mind. The employees can begin using the system without any hassles and with very little or no training.

Ensuring business continuity

Melon excels at maintaining and supporting the optimal work of business hardware, operation systems, applications, networks, backup and security solutions with reliability and precision. We can ensure their smooth operation in a business world which is more and more computer reliant. Also, we are capable of getting the most out of internet service providers based on any business needs.

Braving through digital transformation

We can choose the cloud strategy that is right for you, implement and maintain it to reduce IT costs and advance infrastructure and application services. Or if you chose to stay true to your in-house servers, Melon’s engineers can optimize and upgrade them to increase their uptime and reliability. Maintenance includes back-up solutions and disaster and recovery plans. Also, we can configure remote access and workforce mobility to enhance productivity even when your employees are on the move. 


Melon’s system support proficiency guarantees increase in business productivity. Our proven IT solutions are more time- and cost-efficient than hiring an in-house system administrator. Your payment is associated to the actual number of hours at specified hourly rates. You will receive regular reports how every manhour was spent. This best guarantees that the price and resulting service coincide. You will have always-on, dedicated, knowledgeable and trained team to timely answer all your technological needs. And a team of support engineers gets you the right person for every service required. 

We are really good at what we do and we do deliver exceptional value throughout our profound experience with the services we offer.

In the fast developing and, at times, perplexing IT world, technology is rapidly advancing and it could be hard to keep up. But anyway that’s what we are doing too and we are committed to staying highly specialized. And we will take care of your IT solutions so you can focus on growing your business.