Melon is the leading Bulgarian eLearning vendor successfully delivering eLearning products and services to clients in the EU and USA.


Our flagship offering Melon Learning is a genuine learning management system that stores and delivers training and assessment content and tracks and measures the learning progress.  

It is designed to manage corporate online training accessible anytime, anywhere. 

It is built around simplicity. Around making everything as easy and intuitive as possible, yet powerful enough in delivering everything you need for an effective management of all online training activities. 

Melon Learning:

storing and delivering learning and assessment content

tracking, measuring and reporting the learning progress

featuring an integrated quiz tool and rich media library

being enterprise ready and built around simplicity

Our long-term еLearning partnerships include:

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has adopted our learning management system, Melon LMS, and our authoring tools

VIVACOM (Bulgarian Telecommunication Company EAD) employs our eLearning software to deliver timely and thoroughly trainings for all employees in any location of the company countrywid

Habladoro, a New York based language learning start-up, asked for our expertise to help them build a compelling new product

Coca-Cola Hellenic, also one of our early eLearning adopters, utilizes our learning management system which entirely transformed their SAP training efforts

A1, Bulgaria’s largest telecom, has chosen Melon Learning as an all-round partner for their eLearning needs in today’s competitive market