Our software development team has broad experience delivering Big Data and Machine Learning to enterprises, SMEs and start-ups.

melontech big data

Melon’s Big Data and Machine Learning services enable you to improve your product lines, boost efficiency and cut cost for manufacturing, logistics, marketing, sales, etc. We will help you transform, analyze and visualize your data – converting your business into a data-driven organization. Voluminous data has no value standing on its own. With our Big Data methodology and processes applied, you will soon start making data-driven business decisions and confident actions. 

Our process includes four types of services: Consulting, Data Engineering, Data Science & AI, and Data Visualization:


Start small by thinking big. We begin with a one to three months discovery phase. Melon uses this opportunity to analyze all data gathered from existing systems and works closely with your team to transform your decision-making process into a data-driven one. Together we define your needs and goals. We provide a roadmap to fully integrating Data Science into your process and bring you closer to where you want to be. Our team develops a meaningful proof of concept application providing clear visibility of what can be accomplished by fully utilizing the data.

Data Engineering

Melon uses cutting-edge technologies for extracting, transforming and loading data. The data may be produced by different IoT devices, financial, ERP, CRM or other internal and external systems. Our Data Engineering team creates quality data infrastructure that is scalable and secure, either in the cloud or on-premise. We focus on building Data Lakes using proven platforms (Azure Data Lake, Amazon S3 or Apache Hadoop) and orchestrate data pipelines via Azure Data Factory or Apache AirFlow. For streaming and messaging, we use Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis, and Google Pub/Sub.

Data Science & AI

Working closely with clients from different domains, we have gathered significant experience with predictive and clustering models. Our team works with a variety of machine learning libraries as TensorFlow, scikit-learn, Keras and NumPy, and usually coding in Python/R. The data intelligence and machine learning platforms we are proficient in include Azure Databricks, Google Cloud AI, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Microsoft Machine Learning Studio, and Microsoft Power BI.

Data Visualization

Our visualization experts convert the data output into a valuable story that guides users to their decisions and actions. The visual output is defined by contemporary and established user experience design standards and guidelines.

Our team has brought value to business via following offered services:

Data Engineering for Leading Beverage Bottling Company

Delivery of Big Data and Machine Learning solution using Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake, MLFlow and Power BI.

US Manufacturing Company Pricing Prediction Model

Development of prediction/classification model based on multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural network developed by using Keras library in Python for pricing/margin optimization and increased sales probability. Also, used Power BI for pre-production, production, labor and resource management.

UK-based Financial Company’s Classification and Anomaly Detection

Machine learning project for classification and anomaly detection in financial data used for clients’ portfolio management. We used models based on TensorFlow and scikit-learn libraries. 

Proprietary Power BI Solution: Production, Labour and Financial KPI Tracking

In 2015 we developed our internal KPI portal for monitoring production, labor, resources and financial parameters developed in Microsoft Power BI. Now offered as a product for IT companies.

Healthcare application: ETL Pipeline using SQL Server Integration Services

Data engineering project for a medical trial solution sourcing data from institutions across US. We used SSIS to build ETL pipeline and to store all the needed data into an on-premise platform.