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A powerful marketing platform enabling collaboration between brands and social media influencers to create authentic content.

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The Client

TheInfluencer offers an efficient tool in helping brands manage their influencer marketing campaigns in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is based in Dubai and considered partnering with software development outsourcing companies from Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, and India. Melon won the client with the combination of a reasonable budget and a team of quality and experienced developers with a fresh view.



The influencer marketing in the Middle East, according to our client, is still in its infancy, resulting in lack of any pricing structure. They decided to create an automated platform which expands the limited knowledge pool of influencers, thus helping the market's growth. They were looking for a team that was familiar with automating the process of a marketplace. 

The Project

The platform allows brands to prepare campaign briefs and set campaign objectives searching for the right influencers that fit their demographic needs and performance metrics. Brands can also measure ROI, produce reports, view influencer profile analytics and monitor content performance. 

We helped our client translate their commercial needs into technical tasks. Melon’s team managed everything from the initial wireframes and architecture to the complete full-stack development with an emphasis on the back-end. In addition to the web platform, our team developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

The platform was designed with simple and intuitive UX. The full workflow is automated - from influencer identification, through workflow automation, to payment processing with just one click.


We started the software development in January 2016. The project was in beta until January 2018 when we officially launched. 

Our team mainly communicated with Mahmoud Boksmati – the CEO and founder of the company. The client used Trello to define tasks. Melon’s project manager skillfully translated their business needs to technical tickets using Jira for the developers.


  • More than 2,100 content creators using the platform
  • Identified an extensive database of 30,000 influencers
  • Full workflow automation and documentation resulting in cost savings

"I appreciate the most the people at Melon. We’ve had a very healthy business relationship. In the cases I've asked them to go an extra mile with me, they always did. Whether it's an extended credit period or billing negotiations about bugs, we’ve always had transparent and frank conversations. Our open dialogue has helped develop and nourish the credibility of both sides."

Mahmoud Boksmati – the CEO and founder of