Native iOS and Android Apps

For Remix - a leading second hand clothing e-shop, Melon developed native iOS and Android applications that feature handy categories and filters. The iOS app was rated as the second best free shopping application and the Android one was named app of the week by Capital Weekly.



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The Client

Remix is a leading second hand clothing e-shop in Europe. They operate on 7 markets: Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. On a daily basis, they upload 15 000 new items. Every day the price of unsold products drops with 5%, until it is 60% off.

In November 2015, Remix approached Melon to develop their native mobile apps for Android and iOS. They had chosen the native approach because of the great amount of high-resolution pictures and the logic of the key services that are time-constrained. 

Remix is a straightforward client with ideas how to improve what they already have. The communication with them is smooth and easy. They are demanding and critical but at the same time open to new solutions. When working with such a client, we excel at developing consumer Android and iOS apps.

The Process

They opted for in-house design and the software development process on our end was day-to-day life prototyping. The client would list the desired features and functionalities and we would deliver, test and release them.  After several reiterations the design came along too.

It was a challenging project, not too complex but nothing like what we’ve delivered before. So it was a thrill to Melon’s mobile teams.

The Applications

The apps replicate the functionalities of the site and star two main features. Every product’s price drops down until it is 60% off and the buyer can reserve an item only for 30 min. If they don’t purchase it, it’s up for sale again. 

The mobile apps feature very good categories and filters. There are a few main ones – men, women, kids, accessories, bags, and shoes then there are sub-categories like T-shirts, coats, dresses, skirts, etc.The end users can sort by price, date, etc. All have filters like brand, size, color, season, condition, etc. There are 4 types of conditions, including “new with label”.   

The buyers can add products to “favorites” to follow their availability and the change in the price and save their filters. It’s handy, if let’s say they are often looking for 8-year-old’s mid budget clothes in purple. The apps are available in 5 languages - Bulgarian, English, Polish, Greek and Romanian. 


One of the most challenging moments was the feature to keep a product booked only for half an hour. The code they had was for web only and we suggested several models to match it with the iOS and Android mobile applications. 

The photos were another big challenge. Every day Remix uploads 15 000 pieces of clothing. Every item comes with up to 5 photos with high resolution. When the shoppers are scrolling down, the interaction must be fast and smooth. The client has already achieved this for web and to be able to attract users to the native apps, our mobile teams had to match the experience. The tricky part was to come up with the logic how to cash and then delete this huge amount of information because the back-end cannot cash forever.


  • Rapid increase of Remix mobile users;
  • Improved users' ease of use; 
  • Expansion potential in services to other local and foreign areas;
  • Substantial growth in client'с sales;
  • Optimization of the whole sales process; 
  • In 2016, the iOS app often topped the Bulgarian charts for free iOS apps;
  • The Android app was named app of the week by Capital Weekly.