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Creating a new modern UI theme for QuickSearch

Creating a new modern UI theme for the QuickSearch Workbook web application. Web UI implementation over a complex user experience with parameterized colors, backgrounds, layouts, etc.

project type

Web, UI/UX



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Time & Materials




The Client

QuickSearch is a feedback solution company operating in Scandinavia. Their mission is to guide companies through developing an overall feedback process within their organization. According to them, a successful business is driven by both customers and staff’s opinion, but also by disseminating and analyzing the results in a simple manner.

The Project

As a leading company in gathering and analyzing feedback, QuickSearch’s products need to stay on top of things when it comes to ease of use and functionality. That’s why they approached us to re-design and implement a new modern UI theme for the QuickSearch Workbook web application. The goal was to improve the look and feel of the application. Our developers gave a new life to all of the website components – main menu, header, profile cards, navigations, filters, context buttons and icons, tables and lists, and profile visual overview – all intertwined in a complex web solution.

The Process

We had a project manager on our side with expertise in Agile software development. As a point-of-contact and resource coordinator, the project manager along with the development team mapped the scope of the project solution and forecasted the progress. 

The team had weekly meetings with the client, discussing the progress, planning and setting new goals for the next time period, and discussing any problems or questions. Our project manager used Azure DevOps for planning, following the progress and reporting. 

QuickSearch’s team visited our headquarters in Sofia to further develop a trusting relationship with our software development team.


Creating a modern look and feel was a challenge because we didn’t start from scratch but had to keep the current html structure so all other existing themes were not affected by our changes. Also, everything was in Swedish, so it was hard to grasp the big picture. The functionalities and the links between them were quite complicated and it took us some extra effort to figure out every button.


Melon successfully built a sustainable relationship with the client. We are currently working with QuickSearch on further optimization of their products.

Implementing a new modern UI theme;

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