Developing a Construction Documentation App

Melon developed construction documentation and management application for InnoBauTech. Out client needed a software tool to digitalize the construction industry.

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Manufacturing & Construction




Swift, Foundation, UIKit, Back-end communication, Core Data, Core Graphics


The Client

InnoBauTech is a German-based start-up founded in 2016. They have experience in construction management processes and have a massive know-how about the problems in the field. As a result, they came up with a user-friendly solution helping the real estate industry by digitalizing the construction processes. The client asked Melon to implement their idea. 

The Process

The communication was very flexible since one of our seasoned mobile developer was in direct contact with the CEO. Together with our consultancy, the InnoBauTech idea was evolving and we made a lot of changes to the initial specifications. Our developer successfully implemented all of them and managed to deliver an innovative final product. 

The Project

Melon delivered intuitive construction documentation and management application for InnoBauTech to increase the efficiency in construction projects. It’s meant for site managers, architects, engineers, project managers, etc. 

The system is all-in-one management software solution. The users can maintain and share plans, leave notes, generate and share documentation. Users can have different roles to avoid involuntary mistakes: Viewer (read-only), Manager (read and write all), and Collaborator (read and write only assigned to them). 


The application has an intuitive toolbar which grants the freedom to use multiple annotation tools such as pen, marker, text, ticket, etc. to leave notes and comments immediately available to other team members. 

Users can create tasks by adding descriptions, photos, statuses, and assign them to other people who get instant notifications. Also, the user can respond in real time, if there are any questions concerning the task. 

Managers can easily keep track of all projects by generating extensive .pdf reports which can include various attributes, such as timeframe, status, plan, etc. They can also overview tickets and filter them so that only the ones which are of interest, importance or urgency are displayed. And they can manage and share documentation quickly and easily. 

Finally, the application can work offline which is crucial for the construction industry, since sometimes there is no internet on sites. 


The application is for iPad only because the plans take a lot of memory and phones can’t handle the visuals. But even for the iPad, our team had to figure our optimization so that the software application can run smoothly with such big data. Our team also worked with complex algorithms to make the usage of the annotation tools such as pencils and markers polished. 


  • Optimized and digitalized construction management process;
  • Improved communication between construction workers and the managers,
  • Faster business processes;
  • Easier monitoring of individual tasks and work history;
  • The client is confidently pitching the product to clients and investors.