Optimizing Website and Management System

Bugaboo, a Dutch strollers and luggage systems manufacturer, engaged Melon with their website optimization. We successfully improved the content management system, website architecture and user experience.

Bugaboo Bugaboo Bugaboo


Web, QA


Manufacturing & Construction




.NET MVC, Angular, DevOps/QA, Frontend, JavaScript/jQuery, Node.js, PHP, Python


The Client

Bugaboo is an iconic Dutch design company founded in 1996. Experienced in making mobility products such as luggage systems and strollers, their mission is to help people move freely. The company selects high-quality materials for their products and invests in smart engineering to make them last longer.

The Process

Melon won Bugaboo’s trust with our IT consulting competence and on-time delivery. Our highest priority was the prompt reaction to resource allocation and problem-solving. The communication with the client was smooth and easy, partly because our team interacted directly with Bugaboo’s ICT managers. 

We started off with a three-month trial period. At first, we had only one full-time front-end developer. He focused mainly on improving the website menus and some other components. Melon’s team proactiveness and high-quality work impressed the client. 


Our team grew along with our responsibilities, leading to the development of more complicated functionalities such as the strollers’ configurators.

During the first 6 months, we were mainly engaged with front-end development and task priorities that needed further development.

Afterwards, the client requested the website architecture optimization. The different systems and technologies made it difficult to support and even understand it and our main goal was the reduction of the number of technologies. Melon’s team started with a thorough analysis and an optimization plan, presented to the stakeholders and approved for implementation.


  • Redefined catalog structure
  • Architecture optimization 
  • Reduced number of technologies
  • Costs optimization
  • Improved content management system
  • Enhanced user experience with a responsive design approach
  • Improved content view analysis based on visitor’s behavior
  • Long-term partnership with the client