Stela Dineva

Stela Dineva

Python Developer

At Melon I hope to become a better developer and team player.

“Me?! I make muffins out of Django with a lot of paper!” This is how Stela introduces herself.  She has been with Melon for a month now. 

Python is the preferred and only programming language Stela has experience with. She got into it when she was finishing her bachelor degree in Software Engineering at the Sofia University. Meanwhile she started working at a web agency where she stayed three years. She knew it was time for a change when Stela felt like being part of a bigger professional community and having more options for development. Stela found out about Melon and our Python team from friends who used to work here.  

At the moment she is the sole person pushing forward a fresh new project at Melon for a UK-based start-up working with stats for video social networks. They had something built by other developers and weren’t happy with the result, so now Stela is setting up the development environment to support it while developing the new system with better functionality, probably with other team members joining later. 

The previous job helped Stela figure out what she lacked. However, she didn’t have the chance to progress because of time constraints and work pressure. That’s what she hopes for at Melon – to become a better developer and team player, as well as to learn how to manage her time more efficiently. She is willing to learn other programming languages.  

Stela prefers working with start-ups because there’s always something innovative and intriguing. They’re driven which motivates and pushes her forward. Usually, start-ups experiment with new solutions and trends which add more color to the job. 

What Stela loves about Melon so far are the people. “They’re young, talkative and cheerful,” she says. She has already found a lot in common with a bunch of her colleagues and looks forward to more friendships. She likes that there’s always something going on at the office. She’s curious to follow how the knowledge flows between teams because so far she’s observed them working on separate projects but not exchanging expertise. 

Stela doesn’t have much free time recently, but when she does she likes baking, especially muffins. Experimenting with new versions is her specialty. She likes crafting jewelry, cards and other presents and tries to do more sports like running and biking during the weekends. All of the time, she’s listening to invigorating music.