Silvia Andreeva

Silvia Andreeva

Head of Business Development at Melon Learning

I like my job, I like the people, I like Melon’s attitude. For me Melon is the place to be.

What is Melon Learning

Melon Learning’s motto is "No stress LMS – The Easiest way to a better eLearning environment." Melon Learning is an eLearning solution that enhances the employee learning and development processes. Our team continuously improves the learning management system to meet and exceed the training needs of enterprises and mid-sized corporate clients.

From part-time position to head of business development at Melon Learning

It all started as a simple task. In her previous work, Silvia needed an eLearning platform. At the same moment, Melon was on the verge of creating such a solution. So, Silvia met with Melon as a client. Throughout the working process, a lot of ideas about the product came along. Melon wanted to find a person to work exclusively with the eLearning platform. As you might have guessed, Silvia started part-time. Initially, she worked only with the clients, then she started managing the team, and developing the software product.

Developing along with Melon Learning platform

Melon Learning is organically growing, without having an aggressive development strategy. One of the biggest milestones for Melon Learning, as Silvia notes, is the major re-design of the platform. Her team managed to minimize the support time, which was a huge relief for the clients. “We are a small team but our response time is very low and we are proud of it,” she says.

Silvia is also developing her skills organically along with Melon Learning. She started to understand more of the technical side of the project once she got more involved.

“I always seek new challenges,” she says. She devotes some of her time to Melon’s development as a company. For example, Silvia is part of our company career development plan with other tech people from the team.

A day at Melon

Silvia is an early bird but she isn’t in a hurry to come to the office right away. “Usually, I start my day with a homemade coffee and my full mailbox,” she says. She finds it easier to do creative writing in the morning. After the morning traffic, she continues her day with client meetings in the office, presenting Melon Learning. Her job is highly involved with networking because most of Melon Learning’s clients come from referrals.

Team communication

Her team is in constant contact. They know exactly what they need to do and until when. They don’t use Agile or Scrum methodologies by the book, because their work-flow doesn’t require it. This type of communication works because they are a small team. “There haven’t been any changes in our team members since we kicked off,” she notes.

Company values are of great importance

“Melon’s company values are close to mine – to be honest with our clients, to be smart, but also to be open about what we can achieve and we can’t,” she says. One of the things she enjoys the most here is freedom. She loves Melon’s family-business atmosphere which has been preserved throughout the years.

“I like my job, I like the people, I like Melon’s attitude. For me Melon is the place to be,” she says.

Silvia in her free time

She is a mother of two boys. When she has time besides her work and her boys, Silvia enjoys running, snowboarding, rock climbing, and hiking. She is in love with the sea. “If I hear the sea near me I feel okay,” she says.  She is also interested in learning new languages – currently, she’s learning Greek, because she loves the Greek seashore. “I’m a food-and-wine lover,” she laughs. “I like to travel, to drive, and to attend concerts.”