Sara Nikoloska

Sara Nikoloska

Full Stack Developer


Melons are down to earth, so are we!

Sara joined Melon’s Skopje office in 2021 as a Front-End Developer. 

After spending some time studying and working in another industry, Sara decided to challenge herself and try a software development academy. An entirely new area for her but with her desire, passion, and support from the people around her, she graduated from the Front-End Academy at Brainster.

With her investment in the program, her mentor soon referred her to Melon. 

Sara says she is happy to be growing together with the company. She enjoys getting to know the team in Pristina, Kosovo and recently – Kin and Carta’s. In May, 2022, Melon became part of Kin and Carta, a dynamic global consultancy, leveraging over 2,000 highly specialized technologists, strategists, and creatives across 4 continents.

She also likes that her colleagues more often go to the Skopje office which results in better and healthier working atmosphere.

Learning new software technologies, including back-end, she is happy to grow both professionally and personally. She is getting more comfortable not only workwise, but also with her soft skills.

The most valuable lessons Sara has learned at Melon is the importance of making things happen and being a team player.

The most interesting project for her is her current one where she works as a full-stack developer. The new software development technologies provide room for learning and improvement. She cherishes the daily interactions with her Melon team-mates. This project also gave her the opportunity to expand her back-end development skills.

About her colleagues, Sara says that they are open-minded, friendly, and responsive team players. Various know-how can be learned from each of them.

“Melon offers an environment where people can develop their skills, and also build new ones. You should never be afraid, if you don’t know something. Just keep asking.”

In her free time, she goes out in the nature and spends time with friends.