Petar Petrov

Petar Petrov

Senior .NET Developer

You have the freedom to choose from various projects, industries, and technologies.

Petar Petrov joined Melon in 2007 as a .NET developer. Since then, he has become a senior developer and a team lead.

Arriving at Melon

Petar heard about Melon from friends, who had already begun their journey at the company. When he first came here, the company was only 30 people. Today we’re more than 150. Petar is one of our colleagues who saw how Melon grew and flourished into the company that we’re today.

Melon now and then

Melon has expanded our work scope, we’ve become better professionals and we’ve polished our work process. Petar believes that Melon is going in the right direction. “Since I came here, we’ve opened offices in Veliko Tarnovo and Skopje, which I believe was a smart business decision,” he says. Also, he says that the company has put dedicated efforts into and has learned how to take better care of its people, which is challenging when growing from 30 to 150 developers.   

One long-term client is not equal to one project

Since 2012, Petar has been working for the same client – an American multi-level marketing company dealing with cosmetics. It might sound tedious to have only one client, however, it has trusted Melon with numerous software development projects engaging the team with new and demanding tasks. “We are constantly updating technologies, integrating new software, and fixing bugs,” Petar says. The client operates globally, and Petar and his team support their biggest market – USA and Canada. 

The advantage of working with one client

Even after so many years together, our team and the client still in touch on a daily basis, using Scrum methodology. One of the biggest assets of working with one client, according to Petar, is the knowing and trusting each other. Such a long-term and healthy relationship indicates that both parties like each other and work well together. 

The perks of working at a software outsourcing company 

“You have the freedom to choose from various projects, industries, and technologies,” he says. According to him, this is an opportunity that deepens your field of knowledge. Also, you build relationships with a lot of clients and you learn different styles of communication. 

Easy and nice interaction with the people at Melon

“People here are nice, enthusiastic and conscious about their work. It’s a pleasure both to work and spend free time together. People here help each other,” he replies when asked what he likes the most about Melon.

Making an effort for a better change

Petar grew along with the company and learned that you cannot please everyone when you have a company of more than 150 people. “However, I can see the company’s effort to make our work environment better and also to keep the work-life balance at a healthy level,” he says.

A balance between family and work is possible

Petar is a father of three, so he spends most of his free time with his family. Currently, his hobby is 7th-grade math, because of his oldest kid. One of the things he’s most grateful for is the company’s work-life balance policy. Because of it, he always finds time for his family, for training or whatever else he likes. When he has a personal emergency, he can always take time off, without any commotion. "Melon understands that family comes first."