Nina Tsenova

Nina Tsenova

Talent Acquisition Manager

2018 - Currently

Melon is a work-life-balance friendly company.

Nina Tsenova joined Melon in January 2018 as our Talent Acquisition Specialist. 

She learned about Melon from a friend, who saw our Facebook ad about the open position. Nina loved our website, our values and what we do, so she decided to apply.  

She got her bachelor degree in Cultural Studies and her master degree in Human Resources at the Sofia University.

A day at Melon

Her usual day at Melon means reading and writing a lot of emails, many phone calls, reviewing new applications, scheduling and conducting interviews, analyzing internal and external statistics, doing evaluations, and more.

She says the best part of her job is onboarding new software developers. She enjoys very much their enthusiasm and interest. Nina likes to help them adapt and get to know the new environment and colleagues. 

Why HR?

At Melon, the HR specialists have one more important role – they are the link between the management and the rest of the people in the company. They help the management get in touch with the needs and preferences of the rest of the team. And on the other hand, they are the first point of contact for anyone with any issue related to career development, office environment, employee benefits, etc.    

Nina wants to further grow at drafting long-term HR and recruitment strategies. She also wishes to be even better connected with our developers when it comes to solving problems or coming up with new exciting ideas as part of their journey at Melon.

Understanding people

What Nina learned at Melon so far is that the points of view can be as many as the number of people involved. She says that she enjoys how much she has learned about the technologies we work with and wants to know even more.

It’s a work-life-balance friendly company

What Nina loves the most at Melon is the environment and “the people, of course, but that is obvious.” She says that the atmosphere here is relaxed and everyone does their job without tension. She likes the flexible working hours we have adopted. Thus, team members can count on their colleagues to be available in a specified timeframe, while granting them a certain amount of time flexibility.

Nina believes that we need to keep improving our internal communication and taking good care of the company’s spirit – our two main focuses right now.

Nature is what describes her best

In her spare time, Nina enjoys yoga, hiking, and spending time with her pets and friends. She sings in a chorus which means a lot of travels. Nina likes reading books and she is into gardening and growing her own veggies.