Mimi Mikova

Mimi Mikova

Front-end Developer

I started at Melon to experiment with new technology platforms. I am truly happy with my decision.

Mimi has been a part of the front-end development team at Melon for a little more than 6 months. She knew about the company for a long time and what she knew she liked it a lot. Her friends - current and ex Meloners, told her about the open position and she did not hesitate to apply. 

She graduated with Computer Science from the Sofia University followed by a master studies in Artificial Intelligence. Mimi was a PHP developer and then worked on ERP systems for 5 years. “At some point I just felt like going back to web development, especially to experimenting with new technology platforms,” Mimi says. “I am truly happy with my decision.” 

Currently she’s a part of a 10-member team. Next week she will start working on a new project – developing a website for another outsourcing company based in Texas. The most interesting project she has encountered at Melon so far was for one of the biggest worldwide music channels and a festival in Malta. The rest of the projects she joined at later stages and couldn’t get a reel feel of the work. These include employee punch clock software and incorporating Google analytics into a mobile app.

The next project Mimi is part of will engage two other members – a project manager and a designer. She says that they will meet every day to monitor what has been done and to set what else is needed. 

Mimi enjoys the most the projects that involve direct communication with the clients. She cherishes both the moments when they are happy and when they give constructive comments how she could improve her work. “To me, this is the best way to see the results of my work,” she says. Whether the client is a start-up or a corporate business doesn’t matter to her.

At Melon, Mimi learned that work can be stress-free and with no pressure. Her previous experience was rather different so this was one of the best surprises here.  She likes that the environment is very positive and the company is taking good care of its employees. “Melon is not just providing us with a good pay-check, which is anyway the case with almost all software development companies, but it goes beyond that. It’s nice and relaxed to work at Melon.”

With all the assets of such an environment, though there might be some downfalls, she says. She hasn’t experienced them yet, but she suspects that too much relaxation could lead to laziness.  “Or not. We’ll see,” she says. Anyway Mimi would recommend Melon as a work place to anyone she likes. 

Now, she is looking forward to gaining more expertise in her field – front-end development, and getting to know the latest technologies. In her free time she likes sports – biking, Tae Bo, fitness, snowboarding, and travelling.