Martina Lambova

Martina Lambova

.NET Developer

The people are the biggest asset here.

In 2014, during her second year of study, Martina Lambova joined Melon as a .NET intern and in a few months became a full-time full-blooded member of our team.

Investing in employees' development

Marti says that she appreciates very much Melon’s support for students. That’s why, while working here, she managed to finish in four years her bachelor degree in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) at the Sofia University.

Indeed, the company encourages and invests in employees’ development. Not only technical, but also soft skills and languages. Marti says that Melon subsidizes conferences, study materials, courses and certification exams. She took advantage of these opportunities and acquired two certificates – one of Web – HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and one of SQL queries.

The biggest work project

After her four-month internship, Marti joined her first project with a crowdfunding startup as a client. She says that back then she learned teamwork, people skills and gathering client’s requirements. Her most significant project until now is developing and upgrading web applications for the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Confederation of Sports (NIF). Currently, her work is entirely web-oriented. However, Marti is up for new challenges in different fields such as mobile development.

Open and cooperative work atmosphere

When asked what she likes about Melon, Marti says: “I know it sounds cheesy and everyone is saying this, but the people are the biggest asset here.” According to her, her colleagues are open and cooperative, and she gets help every time she needs it.

Judging from her experience, she believes that employees are a priority to Melon. “During my internship, I had my moments, but my mentors believed in me more than I did and this gave me the needed confidence to continue.”

She also says that the management maintains open communication with everyone so when a problem occurs, a timely reaction is undertaken.

Lessons learned 

At Melon, Marti learned that the working process is not as smooth as described in the books. A person needs to adjust accordingly to the situation, the team, and the client’s needs. Her work creed is “let’s find the best solution for the client’s expectations and what the team can do for the time given.”

She thinks that the work at Melon doesn’t feel as an obligation but has a joyous flavor to it. “Here my future looks promising, I find support, and I have the freedom to choose the course of my professional development,” says Marti.

A travel pioneer

Besides her work, Marti’s biggest passion is traveling – starting with the planning, the actual trip, coming back and looking at the pictures and giving souvenirs. She wants to roam more outside Europe. Before going somewhere, she reads a lot about the new place.

Other than that, she likes cooking and sports. She loves to experiment with new recipes and organic products. “I specialize in healthy sweets,” she says. And exercising is her stress reliever.