Ivo Stanchev

Ivo Stanchev

Project Manager

2014 - Currently

I can confidently say that we are all friends at the office!

Ivo Stanchev joined Melon in 2014. He is one of our Project Managers in Veliko Tarnovo. 

Ivo has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Veliko Tarnovo. Instead of pursuing a master's degree, he embraced the challenge of founding his own company. At some point, he decided that it’s time for a change.

A friend had introduced him to Melon and that’s how his career with us started.  

Favorite software development project

Ivo's current project happens to be his favorite. He is part of a dedicated team developing an application for an American investment management company. He enjoys it the most because they are using the latest software development technologies such as .NET Core, Microsoft’s new framework, and other innovative frontend frameworks. Other than that, they manage development with agile process and maintain scrum methodologies throughout the software development lifecycle. 

Agile methodology and teamwork

The agile methodology has grabbed Ivo’s attention after taking part in one of Melon’s internal courses. His future aspirations are to focus more on project management. Ivo is currently studying for agile project management and scrum mastering certificates. 

Throughout the years, Melon was able to teach Ivo great teamwork. He also acknowledges that he has become more organized, has gained greater knowledge in different project management methodologies and corporate management since joining the company. 

The atmosphere at Melon

Apart from expanding his technical and soft skills, Ivo has also expanded his circle of friends. What he likes the most about Melon is the friendly atmosphere. ‘I can confidently say that we are all friends at the office,’ he says.

Life beyond work 

Beyond Melon, Ivo’s hobbies include trekking (where he met some of his closest friends), sports, cooking and, most recently, he’s begun reconstructing a house near his hometown hoping to turn it into a cozy holiday home.