Gjorgji Arnaudovski

Gjorgji Arnaudovski is part of the core team of accomplished and highly motivated developers that opened Melon’s office in Skopje, Macedonia. He’s a senior .NET developer who’s been with us since September 2014. Before that, he’d gained six years of experience with other software companies.   

When he was younger, he was torn between his passion for the army and the computers. He had to decide which one to follow. “Since the military wasn’t very trendy and it wasn’t a good time to enroll in the army, I chose IT,” Gjorgji says.   

He graduated with Software Engineering from the Skopje University. Gjorgji hasn’t stopped loving the army but says that it’s a little bit late to switch now. He also likes very much being in the open and exploring nature. He says that being a developer leaves enough time to his hobbies. What is more demanding though, he says, is being a father and a husband. Yet, all the free time he can find he spends on hiking the local mountains.  

At Melon he has worked both with his colleagues from Macedonia and Bulgaria on a great variety of projects for clients from the Netherlands, Norway, Britain, etc. What he enjoys the most is being part of the software development process from the very beginning. Thus he has the bigger picture, knows all the details and can easily introduce an adjustment if one is needed. He is not a big fan of jumping in a project at a later stage when other developers have come up with the software solution and how to deploy it. 

Gjorgji has no problem with being part of any kind of team size up to 20 people. Though, he has a strong preference for working with established enterprise companies. He has experience with start-ups and he’d rather not be part of their striving for finding their ways and models at the market. Gjorgji dislikes their swing between very positive and very negative situations.

“My biggest achievement at Melon is people skills,” Gjorgji says. Ever since his second project at the company he has been a Team Lead and has communicated directly with the management of the clients. “I’ve learned not to rush into decisions and how to sift the right amount of information that needs to be shared with the different stake holders,” he adds. 

Gjorgji would love to continue to get better at his soft skills. He believes he’s made a great progress, but also that he has a lot more to learn about communications and team management. 

He doesn’t hesitate for a second when asked what he likes the most about Melon – the people. In his opinion the biggest asset a company has is its people. He enjoys very much that he has family-like relationships with everybody at the Skopje office. Together, they go for beers or a night out and organize fun events for their kids, alas not as often as they would like.     

The only thing he didn’t like the past two years at Melon was that very few of the managing partners attended the annual team buildings when all the Melon offices from Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Skopje get together. 

If Gjorgji has to sum it up, to him Melon is a very good environment, featuring truly positive communication with the management, possibilities to switch among projects and the chance to find your right position at the company.