Georgi Semerdjiev

Georgi Semerdjiev

Gaming JS Team Lead

2008 - Currently

I feel like I belong.

Georgi Semerdjiev a.k.a Gesha joined Melon in 2008 as a Flash developer. Following the evolution of the team, Gesha was a team lead of the Gaming JS team and now he is leading our Frond-end team in Sofia.

He got his bachelor degree in Math and Information Technologies at Sofia University. After his first job as a student, he took a little break and then dived into the working world. While researching potential companies, Melon emerged in the first place and he took his shot. 

A day of a team lead

His work routine is a balance between answering all the emails, skype messages and phone calls with the clients, coding and taking care of his team and projects.

Software outsourcing companies offer diversity

Gesha appreciates working at a outsourcing company because of the diversity it offers. His years of experience show that people get fed up quite easily. He says that if the software developers are already in a project for 2 years, they’d want to change the dynamics and to work on a couple of short-term projects and vice versa. 

“I like learning new things,” he says, “and it’s nice when the projects offer such challenges.” Gesha especially enjoys working on casual games. It is precisely in the games that he finds a lot of problems and algorithms to figure out. 

Gaming projects done and lessons learned

His first big project was the end-to-end development of an online Flash game for OMV meant to raise awareness of the brand. It was so successful that the team had to adapt the game in various languages so that other countries could use it too. 

Clubhouse AS is another interesting client that Gesha likes. He and his team had to redesign the interface of their bingo games client and integrate new features to the already existing bingo games. Then develop new industry-first bingo game types and later create Android and iOS bingo game apps. 

The three most valuable lessons that Gesha gained from Melon are: learning how to write clean code, what processes run in a company, and teamwork. 

A meaningful experience at Melon

“I really like the people here,” he says, “they are super friendly and nice to work with.” He also appreciates “the management who are always understanding.” They listen to the people and are constantly trying to find a solution to the problems, no matter how long it will take. 

At Melon, Gesha feels like he is part of something meaningful. “I’m not just another unit that can be replaced or at least that’s what I feel. I feel like I belong,” he says. 

Life beyond work

He says that his everyday life changed after becoming a father and now he’s expecting his second child. However, Gesha still enjoys being with friends and family, playing board games or just hanging around.

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