Galia Taneva

Galia Taneva

Front-end Developer

Because of the family-like atmosphere, here I feel at home.

Galia Taneva joined Melon in 2017 as a front-end developer intern. 

Before joining the developers’ front, Galia graduated with a bachelor degree in law and practiced it for a bit. 

From law to front-end development

“My friends were mostly developers,” she says. At first, Galya didn’t understand a word they were saying. Out of curiosity, she started reading more about software development up to the point where she decided to shift her career path. "I heard about Melon from friends, I started as an intern and now I finally feel like I belong."

A day at the office

She starts her mornings by reading emails and prioritizing her daily tasks. Then she dives into writing code and testing. She also attends daily team meetings and problem-solving brainstorming sessions whenever necessary.

Team meetings

Our teams have adopted the Scrum methodology. These are everyday meetings, for around 15 minutes where you share the progress and plan the tasks. Of course, depending on the projects, the meetings can be weekly.  

Teamwork with other offices

Galia doesn’t find any difficulties communicating with our colleagues at Veliko Tarnovo and Skopje. When they work on a project, they still have their daily or weekly meetings. “Face-to-face communication is always preferred, but we manage to do a good job from a distance,” she says.  

Current projects

She is currently working on an iOS and Android TV app with a web version. This is her third project regarding TV shows and she finds the work very dynamic and interesting. The app needs to be supported on both iOS and Android platforms with their different software versions, so it generates a lot of work for the front-end team. 

The perks of working at a software outsourcing company

“I’ve been to both outsourcing and product companies, so I can tell the difference,” she says. Galia finds working for an outsourcing company offers more dynamic professional development. She says that product companies don’t update their technologies as often as outsourcing companies. 

Of course, there are some downsides. For example, there can be periods with no projects. But she uses those rare moments to learn new technologies or to better understand the ones she already knows.

Learning at Melon

Here, Galia learned teamwork and what it’s like to have helpful colleagues. “People here are the biggest asset,” she says. When you learn in such a supportive environment, it is inevitable to further develop your skills. She also learned how to write clean code and developed her soft skills. “I think I’m a better professional and I continue to learn.” 

When she’s not involved with a project, she attends lectures and courses provided by Melon, covering both soft and technical skills. 

Why Melon?

“Because of the family-like atmosphere, here I feel at home,” she says. Galia enjoys the coziness cultivated by all the people at Melon and the open communication between management and developers. “The human relationships at Melon makes it stand out.”

Hiking and cooking in her spare time 

“I dare to say that I’m a very radiant person,” she laughs. I usually end my weekday in the gym. I also like to cook and to spend my weekends in the mountains.