Borislav Georgiev

Borislav Georgiev

Senior iOS Developer

At Melon I’d like to keep it the way it is – having fun along various and intriguing projects.

What do you do at Melon?

I’m a senior iOS developer and Team Lead. But I’m also fluent with JavaScript, PHP, C# and others. I try not to confine myself with only one programming language or platform.

Right now, what are you involved in?

Three hybrid mobile apps. Simultaneously, I’m helping wherever I’m needed and asked for – front-end, back-end… If anyone needs help, I like helping.    

How long have you been at Melon?

Since 2012. 

How did you start working here?

The previous Melon HR Manager approached me on LinkedIn and invited me to an interview. I liked Melon and Melon liked me.

What was your earlier job?

I was an iOS developer at an American manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions for a year and a half. Before that I studied at the Technical University of Sofia and worked as a freelancer and at other smaller companies as a PHP, VisualBasic and iOS developer. 

How did you decide to switch from web to mobile?

I didn’t. I still work with both. It’s a pleasure for me to be able to write for any of them. The hybrid apps I’m working on right now require exactly this – being adept with HTML, JS, CSS, iOS and C#. 

What kind of clients have you worked with at Melon?

All kinds. The longest, a year and a half, I spent with a US game platform company. For them I did an iOS app and a desktop app for Mac OS. The job included a month in San Francisco. Afterwards it was literally any kind of clients.

Which ones do you prefer to work with?

It really doesn’t matter to me. I focus on the end result. What I enjoy the most is ensuring that everything within the project works well and is written neatly and logically with the utmost possible quality. I love code refactoring, fixing problems and making things work at their best.    

Which project has been the most challenging?

The one for the US game platform company. They handed me a Mac OS based start-up service and before that I’d never worked with Mac OS. But this wasn’t the most challenging part. I inherited something written by somebody else that was a total mess and no one could fix it. I spent four days constantly connected with the American headquarters, working on it non-stop and trying to figure out what the heck it was. No one could give me any hints. On the fourth day I solved it and picked up from there.  

What else did you learn at Melon?

A lot. In terms of technology, communication and management. Also I’ve discovered what I like doing and what not so much. I got close with the Melon team. I learned not to doubt myself and that whatever the challenge is, I can overcome it. 

What else would you like to learn at Melon?

Learn – I don’t know. I’d like to keep it the way it is – having fun along various and intriguing projects and to be able to help my team mates no matter what the coding language or platform is. I can’t imagine having a different career – I like my job so much. To me it’s discovering new things every day.

What do you like here?

I like the people I work with. I like that when starting a new project, it’s very probable I’ll meet a new person since the company is already so big that I still haven’t met everyone. 

And what do you dislike about Melon?

The moments when I have no projects to work on. 

How long are these periods and what do you do then?

The longest one was this summer for a month and a half. During that time I consulted colleagues on their projects and caught up on technology news. I learned new PHP functionalities and the latest developments in iOS, I did trainings in UI testing and AngularJS. In fact, two of the hybrid projects that followed are based on AngularJS so immediately after I learned the novelties, I could use them.  

If you have to describe Melon to a friend, what would you say?

It’s a very pleasant work environment with diverse people, very relaxed, a place where you can work and learn new things. I feel comfortable here. It feels like second home to me.