DevCon | Skopje 2023: What to Expect?

The international IT conference will be held with a special emphasis on web and mobile solutions. It will bring together the dev community to share know-how and meet colleagues in an informal setting.

DevCon | Skopje and Prishtina 2022 Highlights 

In May 2022, the second DevCon | Skopje’s edition was organized by Melon and Frakton (both part of Kin+Carta) with speakers from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and the UK. They shared their research and demo versions of various technologies and projects.

DevCon | Skopje 2022 covered talks on easy WebWorkers with Comlink, IoT Hub as an Azure service, useful tools and tricks for testing in Django projects, a short intro to Zag.js, discussion on what is web performance and introduction to Jetpack Compose as an Android’s modern toolkit for building UI useful tools.

DevCon | Prishtina 2022 featured 6 talks on the latest trends in web and mobile development, delivered by Kosovo’s professionals, as well as software developers from Bulgaria, North Macedonia and the UK. It covered React Native's new architecture, the importance of application logs, the benefit from open source, testing and AWS with Lambda.

You can review all of 2022’s talks and see what visiting DevCon feels like. 

DevCon | Skopje 2023 What to Expect 

For DevCon | Skopje 2023, 8 speakers will deep-dive into a variety of topics on the latest trends in web and mobile development. They are seasoned software developers from Melon and Frakton (both part of Kin+Carta), Tarmac, Kin + Carta, DeveD and Automattic. 

This year with the support of Women in Tech Macedonia, and

“We are happy to host this conference for the 3rd time in Skopje. It is dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience and getting up to speed on the latest developments. Apart from that, we all know how precious these networking and socializing opportunities are,” said Petar Bakovski, Managing Director at Melon.

DevCon remains a free event, open to all who want to catch-up with the latest news in front-end development, back-end, DevOps, QA, and creating and editing with AI. 

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Join us and meet some of the faces behind the code!