The Community Conference for Web & Mobile Development

What is DevCon | Skopje? 

DevCon | Skopje came from the idea and organic need to bring together the Macedonian developer community by providing a platform for sharing know-how and creating a chance to meet colleagues fact-to-face in an informal setting. The result is a web and mobile development conference that aims to be a by-the-community for-the-community event for IT professionals from domestic and international IT communities. A conference with an accepting environment that provides space for making friends instead of recruitment, marketing or sales. A place for knowledge exchange and spending some good time with like-minded people that “live and breathe” the coding craft.  

DevCon | Skopje 2019 highlights 

In 2019, DevCon | Skopje’s pilot edition was organized by Melon, Foundry and H4, that ended up as a full-house event with more than 250 people joining the one-day conference. Eight speakers covered topics from React Hooks, Electron and ProtoBufs, to GraphQL and Text-Independent Speaker Identification that sparked meaningful discussions. You can review all of 2019’s talks and see what visiting DevCon | Skopje feels like. 

What happened next? 

The feedback we received from the pilot edition reassured us that we were going in the right direction, so in 2020 we proceeded with the preparations for the second DevCon | Skopje edition. There were even plans to replicate the event in neighboring countries. As with many events back in then, the COVID-19 outbreak halted those plans and the conference was postponed for better times.  

As one of DevCon’s main goals is to provide floor for strengthening meaningful connections within the Skopje IT community, migrating it to an online format would have deprived the conference from one of its most important aspects – to bring people together. So, it was decided not to sacrifice that element and postpone DevCon | Skopje until we can meet in person again.  

What to expect from DevCon | Skopje 2022? 

Fast-forward to 2022, we felt that now is the right moment to bring DevCon | Skopje back as a live event. The focus remains uncompromised – the agenda is stacked with 7 talks on latest trends in web and mobile development, delivered by proven professionals from Melon, Frakton, Kin+Carta and CodeChem. DevCon | Skopje remains a free event, open to all who want to get up to speed on hot topics in front-end, back-end, languages, patterns, libraries and testing. 

Check DevCon | Skopje’s full agenda and register for free here

Everyone likes being around like-minded people!