In a Team, We All Have a Role to Play

“Teamwork makes the dream work” means way more than just a slogan printed on a mug.

Nowadays, more companies give priority to the employees’ cultural fit, adaptability and collaboration because it is essential to find the right new people for the already well-oiled teams. According to a LinkedIn analysis, the cost of replacing an employee is about 1.5x their salary. So, it’s no surprise that companies are increasingly looking for the best matches for their settings.   

Positive work relationships build a stable work environment and contribute to the sense of belonging on one hand, and on the other to the personal satisfaction with the workplace. And it's not by chance that Melon's slogan is "Be smart. Be Nice. Make things happen.", as we believe that those 3 principles stand at the core of all functional and constructive work relations. It applies both to our software development teams and to our clients alike.

Cultural Fit

It seems it goes without saying, but let’s say it anyway. Any new additions to our teams should be fundamentally aligned with our company’s mission and core values. Of course, this doesn’t mean finding someone who’s exactly like everyone else. Recently, not only we at Melon, but also any good hiring managers have gone one step further. We are not only looking for a cultural fit, but rather for candidates who are actually a culture add. These are the new people who don’t simply preserve the company’s existing culture, but help it evolve and grow. We are very happy, that no matter how scarce and exhausted the software development talent may seem in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Kosovo, we’ve been able to spot and attract the best team-mates who are helping us not only deliver even better, but also enrich our workplace and team spirit. Now, we are 300 strong across the region! 


Most often software development requires teamwork, and then strong collaboration skills make a big difference. Done right, this can improve productivity and morale. But when new people aren’t good at collaborating, they can create roadblocks for the rest of the team members. At Melon, we all need to work well with others, that’s why in people we appreciate and look for collaboration that can help drive the whole team towards better results.


All of the above and much more is achieved through good communication and soft skills. These help maintain efficiency under a variety of circumstances like pressure moments and tight deadlines. Clear communication makes deadlines less stressful and meeting objectives more easy.

Complicated and implicit should be replaced with straightforward and understandable for all. It’s crucial, that everyone is well aware of their tasks and accountability. At Melon, we do not only offer, but also seek in people high level of autonomy and we couple it with matching responsibility.

Personal Growth

Working as a part of a team can help you discover something new about yourself, develop new skills, and ultimately grow further in your career. It is an opportunity to learn from someone else’s experience. And when you start contributing to the team with your know-how, then comes the personal satisfaction and the feeling that you belong.  

At Melon, from our software developers, we have learnt that they are interested in advancing their career, not just doing more of the same. That is why we are not looking for new people who are with exactly the same skills and level of experience as the team members, but for someone with potential to grow into the role. This is possible because we offer work on diverse and challenging projects at any given time. Melon has an average of 80 to 100 running projects. And we provide extensive and varied training possibilities with allocated budget and time, including new technologies and soft skills.  

Together we are helping each other get better at what we do and what kind of people we are. We are an open and friendly community. We always try to celebrate each team-member’s contribution, give kudos and recognize their effort. We encourage and inspire each other. We ask for input and listen to any ideas because your voice matters and we all have a role to play in making things happen.