DevCon Goes to Prishtina

Following the 2 successful conferences in Skopje in 2019 and 2022, DevCon is crossing border to bring together the developers’ community this fall in Pristina on October 29, again in live event format. We are excited to have the opportunity to share know-how about the latest trends in web and mobile development. The conference is a by-the-community for-the-community event for IT professionals, featuring both local and international speakers.

DevCon has proved to be a welcoming environment that provides space for making friends. An opportunity to catch-up with like-minded people eager to exchange, experience, ideas, and knowledge.

DevCon | Skopje 2022 - Networking and Know-How Sharing

In May 2022, the second DevCon | Skopje’s edition was organized by Melon and Frakton (both part of Kin+Carta) with speakers from North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and the United Kingdom. They shared their research and demo versions of various technologies and projects.

DevCon | Skopje 2022 covered talks on easy WebWorkers with Comlink, IoT Hub as an Azure service, useful tools and tricks for testing in Django projects, a short intro to Zag.js, discussion on what is web performance and introduction to Jetpack Compose as an Android’s modern toolkit for building UI useful tools.

The feedback from the post-event survey was utterly positive and showed that people enjoyed the atmosphere and found the presentations motivating and helpful with their code-related solutions. The attending software developers agreed that the power of events like this lies in nurturing the community and cherished the in-person networking.

"After a 2-year break because of the pandemic, we were delighted to be able to bring DevCon back with a live event. In addition to the great and inspiring speakers we have had the opportunity to hear, reunite and share experiences with colleagues from various IT fields and companies. There was no shortage of opportunities to explore new ideas and strengthen connections." said Petar Bakovski, Managing Director at Melon, part of Kin+Carta.

For more details, to get the feel and touch of the latest DevCon edition take a look here

What is Next at DevCon | Prishtina 2022 

The conference will feature 6 talks on the latest trends in web and mobile development, delivered by Kosovo’s professionals, as well as software developers from Bulgaria, North Macedonia and the UK. Alongside the quality discussions, one of the most precious characteristics of DevCon is the informal socializing and catching-up with colleagues from the IT industry. It’s a much needed in-person community experience following the long pandemic break. 

DevCon | Prishtina remains a free event, open to all who want to get up to speed on hot topics in front-end, back-end, languages, patterns, libraries and testing. 

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