Your Journey of Digital Transformation

Now, when it’s certain that we’re headed to a recession, the question is how the businesses can speed up their recovery? In healthcare, delivery, studying, financial services, retail, hospitality, media, entertainment, sports, and any other industry? 

There is no doubt that those who have made digital their competitive advantage will take the lead. They will be not only bringing better experiences powered by their apps, data and content, but also delivering more in a quicker way, adding value to their products and services, and scaling.

And yes, digital transformation has become a buzz word long before the new coronavirus crises. Eight in ten CEOs say their organizations have undertaken such efforts in the past five years, according to a 2019 McKinsey Global Survey on digital transformation. Though, how many of these companies will succeed at improving their performance and sustaining those gains remains to be seen. 

Nevertheless, the same research and many others are crystal clear on one thing – the digital solutions offer an opportunity to improve how companies perform and compete.

IT is increasingly interwoven into the very fabric of businesses, markets and societies. Executives in all industries are using digital advances such as analytics, machine learning, workplace mobility, collaboration, IoT, outsourced software development and smart embedded devices, as well as cleaning and modernizing legacy systems and improving traditional technologies such as ERPs to change customer experience, operational processes and business models. Pretty much everyone is paying attention to shifts in their trades now, having witnessed how fast digital technology disrupted industries such as the media in the past decade. 

How can you achieve more using the lens of digital?

For some digital transformation has simply been “staying relevant” to the technological revolution in the times when more and more working processes have been gradually automated. Others see it as a drastic change in their business model to enable them to expand to new customers and markets. 

Either way, there’re two key ingredients that need to be in place to ensure that companies will win the desired competitive advantage: high performance strategy based on industry knowledge and understanding, and the right technology. 

Regardless of the type and size of the business, embarking on the journey of digital transformation requires alignment of people, processes, training, and, of course, here it comes again – technology.

Once the company’s market position and ambition are clearly articulated, it’s time to consider IT consultancy and advisory capacity matched with technological experience and skills. Choosing the right IT partner increases the chances to cut through with your business model to radically improve your performance and reach. 

What to consider?

Melon can help you fine tune your focused plan of transformation to merge strategy and technology. For 20 years now, we’ve been growing and ever-adapting our portfolio of end-to-end services to support your business, employees, and IT requirements putting people’s needs at the heart of every offering we have. No matter if you’re venturing into your digital transformation to enhance the way your company understands and serves customers, the way teammates work and collaborate within your organization, or the way you execute business processes, we’ve got the technological skills and experience to help you complete the process.  

Soon, we’ll be writing more about what are some of the ways you can redefine your work when it comes both to your internal and customer-related processes and how exactly Melon can enhance your digital transformation journey.