On the Lookout for People with Potential

Why are software development companies so popular employers? It seems it’s no longer just about the salaries?

Due to high competition, software companies were the first to get compelled to take better care of their employees. Also, our clients primarily come from more developed markets where employee care is at a next level in terms of understanding (and budget), so there’s an inevitable spillover effect.

Although people mostly talk about the benefits and the office extras, I would say the main advantage of the IT companies is the challenging and diverse work, opportunities for growth and an overall human-friendly approach. The benefits are not a goal in themselves. The goal is the employee satisfaction and engagement provided by the benefits and the positive employee experience.

We do our best to closely follow the real needs of our employees. We chose the shoes that fit the foot, not the other way around. For example, our Self-Care program provides fast and easy access to a professional psychologist. Mental health is still considered a taboo. The reality is that people do not apply nearly enough attention to their emotions and the way they cope with problems, they just don’t know how to approach them.

Should I be a developer to start a career in IT or, specifically, at Melon?

No. Around 20% of our personnel doesn’t directly partake in technical production. There are more than a few examples of people who with enough interest and effort learn the necessary technical skills for software development. What we’re looking for is the potential of the long-term approach, rather than a snapshot of the present. Our doors are always open for people with potential.

Has the emergence of AI affected your business (specifically in terms of personnel selection)?

Only in terms of scanning online profiles or forecasting. It’s estimated there are 30,000 software professionals in Bulgaria. This is a relatively small community. Anyone is within one or two degrees of separation. Hence, the company’s image as an employer is everything. It can fall apart very easily. This is an issue which cannot by solved by AI, in the near future at least. Outside of HR and employer branding, I believe it already has had a significant effect.

Which three words best describe Melon’s atmosphere?

Intelligence. Empathy. Community.

What is more important for you – team or individuality?

I’d be very interested to see if anyone would choose individuality. I believe that every reasonable person should have by now realized that the capabilities of a single person are very limited.

If I’m employed at Melon, would I work for significant clients and projects? Any examples?

You can always find this information on our website, but our main advantage as a nearshore outsourcing company is a vast diversity of projects which we are often in a position to handpick. Our clients include anything from large international enterprises with long-term projects to small, dynamic companies using latest technologies that employ us at the earliest development stages, so we tend to treat them as our own. In my experience, having the option to switch from one to the other is a great benefit as people constantly seek change. Within Melon you can find this opportunity.

Is it possible to change one’s area of expertise without leaving the company?

Many employees change not only the technology, but also the essence of their job description. This works in any direction. Area of expertise is only a part of what an employee represents for a company. Moving through various positions also gives you a unique perspective on our endeavors.

Is the 9-to-5 job going to be a part of employment’s future?

From where we’re standing, it already isn’t. Fixed working hours are more of a hindrance. Every person has a different life rhythm and schedule. What carries more weight is each person’s contribution to the company. You’ll have a hard time maximizing this value by applying fixed office hours. What’s important for us is that people spend enough time to feel and be seen as a part of a team. Besides, 9am and 5pm are exactly the hours where you don’t want to be caught making your way across town, as it can turn out to be a very costly experience.