Melon Learning Major Update

We do listen. Because we believe listening to our clients is the right way to grow. Our learning management systems - Melon Learning - has come this far mostly because we have always tended to our partners’ needs and wishes. It has been a good journey and we keep moving forward together. What have we been up to lately? We summed up the two most requested features and just made them happen. Here’s a quick overview.

Instructor-led Тrainings

The 2020 world pandemic changed the business landscape to a sizable extent. A lot of companies and organizations of any kind were stranded and had to finally make the digital transformation to an eLearning solution they had been contemplating for a while. They had to start thinking how to remotely accelerate knowledge, while minimizing cost and time spent on training.

Of course, there always will be cases where a live instructor is quite indispensable. That’s why, we partnered with Zoom as a platform that is widely used and fits our technical and functional needs. Now, with Melon Learning, sessions are automatically setup when created and require very little cradle rocking to have a working instructor-led training. Of course, it can always be supported with all the materials you have prepared. Also, each session can be recorded and available for viewing at any other time.

All About the Trainee

We have always been very passionate about our Trainee view, the part of the system that the learner interacts with. Of course, the Admin panel is just as important and frankly it sells better because the decision makers in a company are usually the ones who would use Melon Learning as administrators. 

They both – trainees and administrators – would like an intuitive, fast, smooth, friendly and modern-looking system, one that respects all users’ time. Eventually, it’s everyone’s most precious commodity. That’s why we’re constantly on a quest to hack and slash.

Keeping the look-and-feel intact so it does not clash with the Admin view, we improvised the usability, ease of use, and pleasure in the interaction of the Trainee view by adding more imagery and removing any unnecessary elements. Striving to keep it simple, we focused on functionality and interactivity by rearranging some details and shying away from the rather table outlook that our Trainee view used to have. 

We sincerely hope you are as excited about the new update as we are. Let us know what you think.