DevCon Skopje - For Developers, By Developers Conference

In 2019, Melon and two other Skopje-based software companies - Foundry and H4, organized the first of its kind by-the-community for-the-community web and mobile development conference in Skopje, North Macedonia. 

It was attended by 250 developers. We had a full day of sharing up-to-date information on latest technologies, languages, and libraries, vital for web and mobile development. Our 1-day conference covered topics from React Hooks, Electron and ProtoBufs, to GraphQL and Text-Independent Speaker Identification.

We created an accepting environment. DevCon is free and accessible to everyone, supporting the IT community without having the hassle of any recruitment, marketing or sales involved. 

People have been giving positive feedback about the speakers and lectures, so we naturally decided to organize the second edition of DevCon bringing together the local software development community of the region.

What to expect in 2020?

We are currently refining our list of topics for DevCon 2020 to be presented by speakers from North Macedonia and Bulgaria.

A little sneak peek of what to expect - Azure IoT in mobile apps, Swagger / GraphQL, choosing the right frontend framework for your application, and more to come…

Stay tuned for our full program

Everyone likes being around like-minded people!