А Bulgarian Software Company 2019 In Review

Melon continues its double-digit growth as a software development services company as our team continues to invest significant effort in improving our processes internally and externally. Indeed, it is a gratifying moment to see the positive results as the annual reports start coming in. 

Macedonia Software Development Centre’s 5th Anniversary and New Sales Office in UK

Melon’s wins carry additional weight as they contribute and depend on the reputation of the Bulgarian software community, as well as on the North Macedonian as we celebrated the 5th anniversary of our development centre in Skopje. We are very proud of our mixed fabric and taking active part in the increasingly prominent evolution of the regional software industry.

Despite some inevitable changes and challenges our clients faced in early 2019, we have managed to grow and strengthen our client base. We’re able to focus more on the quality of incoming business, increasing the number of long-term partnerships and the average team size. Melon’s business expanded in all our key markets – US and western EU, as we continue to invest in penetration. Particularly in the UK where we have established a foothold with a newly opened sales office. Feel free to get in touch and set up a meeting with Clement, our Business Development Director in the UK. We are also on the lookout for other representatives in key markets like the US, Benelux and Germany.

Recurring Business at 80% and Client Referrals Bring In 60% of New Business

We take great pride in consistently, over the last 5 years, reaching high numbers in recurring business (80% and higher) and client referrals as the main contributor to our new business (60% and above). There’s no greater compliment to our efforts than receiving an e-mail from a current or former client introducing us to their friends and partners. It’s also an immense responsibility and inspiration to continue exceeding expectations, as it’s not only our reputation that is at stake.

We are also happy to reflect on the trend of our top experts being recognized and given highly responsible roles in our partners’ projects and processes. Not only as developers, but also as consultants whose opinion is on equal footing as that of respective business and project owners. Over a quarter of our production staff has either been or is actively involved in such a role. This level of genuine trust is inspiring and proves we’re on the right path of evolution.

Employee Tenure Double the Software Industry’s Estimated Average

Like every equation, our success with clients begs for being balanced with success in building an invaluable team of well over 150 employees. Melon’s average tenure continues increasing as all recruitment and retention indicators are flat or better. At the moment, the average tenure is over 4 years, some industry research claims the country average is 2 years. 

We are quite effective in attracting and serving talent in an increasingly competitive environment. Without abandoning our principles on service quality and people-first attitude. In 2019 alone, 4 of our former employees returned to Melon after temporarily venturing to software development positions at other SMEs and enterprises. This shows that our people-oriented philosophy is not merely naive, rather we’ve succeeded in creating a nourishing and uplifting environment that is  recognized and appreciated. But first and foremost, it warms our heart to see them come back.

Employee Satisfaction Up By 4% in 2019

For current employees, our key is keeping communication open, listening actively to their actual needs and then making things happen. Since we started measuring employee satisfaction, it has been going up consistently. Most notably, and to our great fulfilment, in 2019 it has increased by 4% across all areas. We’ve made significant improvements in paid leave, internal communication and benefits. Our favourite addition is the Self-Care Program through which people have received over 200 hours of professional consultation with a psychologist addressing often underestimated issues of the contemporary lifestyle.

CSR Strategy Making an Impact

All the while, Melon is not forgetting its turn to give back to the communities we belong to. In 2019, we made our first steps towards becoming a plastic-free company to the best extent it’s possible for an IT company. We’re also actively promoting the importance of mental health. We completed our dedicated CSR program focusing on mainstream kids’ STEM education and sport activities for kids with special care needs. 

Looking forward to an even smarter and nicer 2020 making things happen.