What We Value

Company values have been a thing for some time now. Basically, they are the statement describing the core pillars of organizations’ identity and the way they conduct business.

The idea of having company values may strike some people as trivial. In trying to be a state-of-the-art organization, some of them end up with bland and dishonest statements. Naturally, this may lead to undermining the company’s credibility, alienating customers and disheartening employees. That’s why, companies need values which are beyond this shallow corporate ritual of putting them on the office wall.

On the other hand, given the proper approach, company values are meant to support the vision and decision-making processes within organizations. They can serve as internal ways to guide a company’s actions and behaviors. Also, they can help to share one’s beliefs, personality, and story. 

Very importantly though, they can work out only if they’re truly derived from how a company treats its partners and employees. And once the company has pinned them down, it should start tying its decisions to them. It’s not enough to just put them on the website and branding materials. 

How did it happen for us? 

We are a Bulgarian-based software development service company founded by friends who saw an opportunity in the booming digital world. We’ve been on the market since 2003. Our culture and values are shaped by the blend of fresh start-up mindset and established approaches of a seasoned company. What we highly appreciate, both when working with our partners and hiring new team members, is self-initiative, mutual trust, focus, flexibility and reason.  

Throughout the years of experience, it was only natural to establish a pattern of how work is done at the company. And at some point, we had to phrase it simply and shortly to make sure that everyone understands it, knows it and acts accordingly. Also it's an essential tool when explaining Melon's mindsets and decision-making ways.

We wanted our values to truthfully reflect our approach and show how the different pieces fit together. We decided that being smart, being nice and making things happen are the three key ingredients that we truly believe make a quality partner as well as thriving human being.

Values for a better work and life

These are pretty simple and straightforward statements, but here’s what stays behind them:

Be Smart

We should not let ego, ignorance or stubbornness get in our way of finding a sensible, common-benefit solution for most situations. We seek constant growth through learning because we don’t want to start lagging behind. Being smart also means to show empathy, to recognize and appreciate the value of others and to work well within a team. After all, no great things can be achieved on your own.

Be Nice

Acting upon with a balanced ego, humanity, and understanding makes us a pleasant company, even in stressful situations. We talk the way we’d like to be talked to, both with the clients and among us. We know that no one was born knowledgeable so we try to always help each other. 

Make Things Happen

Taking action is what completes the circle of being smart and nice. Faced with a problem, we offer solutions, not observations or excuses. Results for us are a powerful motivator, giving an awarding purpose to our work.

We've fostered our values in every company process - from hiring and onboarding to working with our clients and developing software projects. Looking back on how much we have achieved by following these three simple lines, we are thrilled. We know we have much more work ahead of us, but we know where we're going and we enjoy the ride.