Melon Learning at Digital Tools for HR Process Management

"Digital tools for HR process management" – a half-day seminar was held in Sofia on Nov 28, 2019.  The event brought together HR managers and experts of various industries. Several modern business solutions developed by Bulgarian companies in support of HR processes were presented and discussed.

The event is a joint initiative of three companies – TechnoLogica, Melon Learning and LS-S Leadership Support. Their products facilitate the management of human-related processes, optimize the work of HR professionals and improve the organizational culture.

The seminar discussed the challenges companies face in communication between employees and executives, the development and retention of talent, and corporate values. The solutions demonstrated by the three companies are designed to meet the various needs of companies, including:

- Channeling and accelerating communication between employees, executives, and people management experts

- Talent development and retention in the company

-  Technologies and the way people learn in today's society - increasing the effectiveness of training.

About Melon Learning

Melon Learning is a genuine learning management system that stores and delivers learning and assessment content, and tracks and measures the learning progress. It is designed to manage corporate online training accessible anytime, anywhere. It is built around simplicity. Around making everything as easy and intuitive as possible, yet powerful enough in delivering everything you need for effective management of all online training activities.

The team designs and continuously improves their learning management system to meet and exceed the training needs of enterprise and mid-sized corporate clients. 

Melon has been the leading Bulgarian eLearning vendor and has successfully been delivering eLearning products and services to clients from the EU and the USA since 2005.

The format of the first joint seminar was very positive and there are future plans for follow-up seminars in Sofia and other cities with guest speakers and a new program.