Why End-to-End Development?

To put it simply, because of a better communication process.

Here is a situation. You want to grow your business by developing a mobile or desktop application. What would you do? 

You’ll start looking for a software development partners to plan, design and implement your project. The process involves heaps of communication and if you choose to work with multiple vendors, a lot of dependency issues are likely to occur along the way. 

Software development is rather multilayered where programming languages and methodologies mingle together to deliver an application. 

The companies which offer end-to-end development build an app from scratch - planning, design, implementation, stabilization, and release. If you choose to work with such a vendor, you can entrust all these stages to your technological partner. 

An intro to all the stages of the software development process: 

  • Before beginning developing a new app or re-architecture, it’s vital to have someone examine your code base and explore solutions how to alleviate risks associated with application migration.
  • We strongly recommend having onboard a UX/UI and visual design team as design is a powerful problem-solving tool. It translates users’ needs into beautiful software experiences across multiple channels.
  • For the development – whether it’s a web platform or native or cross-platform app - you’ll need to bring front-end, back-end, and architecture experts together to deliver on your business requirements. 
  • You also need quality assurance and system support engineers to give your project long-term life and prevent software quality issues.
  • Finally, a project manager is your resource coordinator who breaks down all these tasks into managed sprints aligned with your project timeline. 

This is just a brief summary of the steps in the process. Now, imagine that you have to communicate with different parties for all these phases to get your final product. Both internal and external communication is the key to ensure the quality and the functionality of the project and communicating with many vendors won’t make it an easy task. 

So, your best solution is keeping a single point of contact. That's why, choosing a company with end-to-end development will minimize time, effort, potential misunderstandings, and errors.  

When all the planning, design, development and implementation takes place under one roof, all team members can communicate fast and easily to timely resolve any issue.