Sports and Well-being at Melon

Sports are the best way to counter the effects of the desk-bound office life. In the last couple of years, companies have started to look for ways to encourage their employees to attend sports classes and activities. After all, a healthy body is a foundation for a healthy and focused mind.

Subsidized subscription-based services 

On this quest, many companies, including Melon have subsidized subscription-based services that grant an access to hundreds of different gyms, studios and swimming pools around Bulgaria. One of the strongest advantages is the wide selection and the great number of facilities that guarantee that you will certainly find something that appeals to you and is close to your home and your office. In fact, a decent number of our developers in Sofia do their work-outs in a gym, located next to our office, either during lunchtime break or after work. 

Of course, to complete the circle, sports activities need to be fueled by quality nutrition and relaxation. That’s why our team members can treat themselves in the office to seasonal fruits (served every Tuesday and Thursday) and refreshments such as coffee, tea and water and sign up for the weekly sponsored massages, carried out right in our office.

But for those who find going to the gym and running laps around their local track boring and solitary, Melon has found another way to encourage them to get moving. If you happen to have an overlapping sports interest with a bunch of colleagues, you can apply for a subsidy from the company. For example, if you and a couple of other developers are interested in football, you can rent a small football pitch in one of the two stadiums located in a close proximity to the office and get partial funding from Melon. 

If there’s a sports event that our team members will enjoy, like marathons or Legion Run, again Melon will gladly co-subsidize their participation.

Health Coverage    

But well-being is not just limited to exercising. In case of emergencies and unforeseen health issues, Melon team members can count on additional health insurance policy. Having on board such a service provider is crucial, because they are actively improving and adding new features year after year.  Ultimately, health depends not only on reacting when circumstances arise, but also on taking care to prevent health issues. That’s why this service offers the chance to actively monitor one’s health by yearly health tests free of charge and seasonal vaccination. 

Well-being is one of the biggest contributors to productivity and overall happiness. But achieving it requires some effort. Luckily, Melon is one of the companies that makes it easier for developers to take care of their health and fitness needs by providing health insurance, co-financing of sports activities, be it group or individual ones and some healthy treats in the office.