Melon's Team Building 2018

Yes, we truly believe that team buildings can make a difference in a company. And yes, we know they can be a pain in the neck when we try to meet everyone’s location and activities preferences. 

That is why, in 2018 we asked our colleagues to come up with ideas for Melon’s annual team-building that brings together all our teams from Sofia, Skopje and Veliko Tarnovo. 

They split in groups and presented their proposals at a specially organized event. Then we invited everyone to vote and the winning idea will be executed at Melon’s annual team building. 

In total, we had 3 competing suggestions. We were surprised and pleased that two of the teams emphasized giving back and contributing to the community’s environmental and social well-being while building better teams. In a nutshell, they put corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the core of their ideas. 

Company Social Responsibility Idea – let’s combine the traditional team-building event with making a difference for a local community and/or environment. This team suggested renovating a school, cleaning and refreshing a municipal park or rejuvenating an eco-path. Thus we will get the winning mixture of fun, bonding, fulfilment and making a positive impact.

The BIG Mix – this idea mixes 4 different team-building activities to bond our teams together and challenge them both physically and mentally. Namely: cocktails competition, designing t-shirts, playing quiditch (yes, the fictional sports game from the Harry Potter books) and slightly twisted dodgeball.

IT villager for a day is another CSR idea rediscovering the rural life. So let’s choose a village and help the local people with their yards, crops and everyday activities. We’ll both have fun and enjoy the village charisma and beauty. Oh, yes, and we’ll help a community in need. 

And the winner is… Company Social Responsibility Idea

So we are looking forward to our first “good deeds” teambuilding. We will combine them with other extra fun and amusing activities. 

Stay tuned for more news on our CSR team-building.