Melon's Green Office

Remote work and flexible hours in the tech world don’t feel that remote any more. Do they? And we have always strived to listen and attend to our team members’ needs. That’s why, Melon not only supports work from home and flexible hours, but also encourages our teams to take the initiative and organize mini team buildings of their likings. Of course, this doesn’t come at the expense of the major, company-wide team building events.

Our type of mini team buildings

Recently, especially in the summer, one of the most popular mini team buildings has become Melon’s Green Office. No, it’s not planting bushes and flowers at our offices, which we do anyway, but rather it’s a week spent working remotely with your team, be it in the mountains or at the seaside.

It’s a great opportunity for our team members to get to know each other better and to test how nature and the relaxed environment affect their software development work. When it comes to the piece of software produced at the end of the week, we’ve always trusted our team members with their time management, self-initiative, and responsibility. Over sinking man-hours, we’ve always preferred high-quality work.

How to choose a destination

For the Green office, we always choose the accommodation wisely, taking into consideration not only the location’s perks. After all, we can’t compromise developers’ everyday tasks such as client calls and weekly meetings. That’s why, when deciding where to go, the teams look for reliable Wi-Fi and enough shared spaces to accommodate them all during the working hours.

Melon teams found out that working from quite an amusing place motivates them to get their job done faster so that they can enjoy the rest of the day. They like a lot that they don’t need to commute and can have way more free time on their hands.

Building teamwork

Working remotely and adding a change in the everyday environment for a week is a great way to get the team closer. Spending time together outside of the office reveals more of our teammates' characters and personalities, they open up and start trusting each other more. And knowing your colleagues’ hobbies and talents instills empathy in teamwork. 

If there’s one single thing all developers at Melon like the most, it’s the people. Throughout the years, we’ve managed to gather together not only knowledgeable and skillful professionals, but also fun, easy-going and open guys and gals with broad horizons and a great variety of interests and talents. So spending a week with such a crowd is a bliss.

We are a company that greatly values our people

For us, it’s not only words, but a mission. That’s why we put a lot of effort to make our people feel comfortable, appreciated and satisfied. We’re constantly rebuilding the work environment at our three offices so that we can be tuned up with our team members’ needs and preferences. And as part of our enthusiasm to be a better workplace, we’ve tested and validated that it’s essential for the teams’ and the company’s wellbeing to have opportunities like our Green Office.