How to Choose an Outsourcing Software Company? Part II

Finding the right outsourcing tech partner for your business might seem tricky but actually there are a few steps that can point you the right direction. In our previous post, we’ve already said that it’s of very high importance to define your end goal at the very beginning; choose the technology in advance to narrow the list of potential vendors; preferably, pick an end-to-end software development company with a good reputation that is goal-driven and has open, people-first attitude and a long-term approach. We’ve also suggested ways to testify these traits. But that’s not all. What else matters?

Work Process

А solid technical and methodological understanding is crucial to excel in project management. One of the most notable of which is Scrum – an Agile framework for completing complex projects. It allows the client to stay fully informed of the working process. It’s best to find a software partner that employs the Scrum development technology and through an enterprise system.

Community Involvement

The IT sector is not only an industry, but also a pronounced community. This is a catalyst for peer sharing knowledge, development of new languages and technologies and overall progress of the sector. Developers’ participation in the community is a sign that the company is knowledge-driven and cares to share. An involved company also visits frequently IT summits and conferences, and its developers are invited as speakers.


Even though it’s a popular way of outsourcing, unfortunately, offshoring introduces a number of issues that can be addressed by utilizing the services of vendors that are located within the same continental area. Nearshoring means working with teams that are culturally similar, operate within a relatively small time difference and are more available for a face-to-face communication. Outsourcing has become so popular because of the significant amount of expertise and the low fare that most vendors charge. Known for their engineer talent in the past, the ex-USSR states – the countries in SEE and CEE  continue to have the best developers globally. All these aspects make up for a little extra cost in comparison to offshore outsourcing. 

Industry Credibility

How a vendor stacks up against its competition is a must. Awards put together the leaders in the sector and summarize their best projects. Industry awards are a great way to tell whether a company is recognized by the industry professionals who review a great deal of services and products.

GDPR and Data Security

Digital security increasingly becomes more and more important for clients and vendors alike. Investing in data protection is a positive sign. The acquired ISO 27001 signifies that the software development company prevents and responds to information security incidents. 

After the implementation date of GDPR (May 2018), clients will have a bigger incentive to choose a vendor within the EU. Companies in the EU working with clients from the EU will be operating under strict regulations on the overall transfer of information.

Ultimately, after you have considered all these guidelines, it’s best to arrange a get-to-know call. The right vendor should be pleasant to work with and you should find a match that fits you best.