How to Choose an Outsourcing Software Company? Part I

Fortunately, the IT industry is in the state of perfect competition. It’s booming because of the enormous demand for IT services and products. The market is constantly growing and overflowing with players of all sizes trying to eat up that demand. The only downside is that the client has to pick just one outsourcing partner of an array of endless choices.

In two blog posts, we will try to help you choose the right software development company for your business. 

As a Start

To achieve the best results, it is crucial for clients to define their end goal at the very beginning of the process, and for IT companies to consult their clients and bring their vision to life. 

You can either start with just an idea and find the right, down-to-earth, constructive and proactive consulting partner or approach an IT company with a full spec sheet. The choice is much easier if you have already singled out the technology you need because different vendors have different areas of specialization and the more specific you are, the narrower the list of potential partners will be.

End-to-end Development

For a smoother delivery and a stable product, pick a vendor that offers end-to-end software solutions. This means planning, design, implementation, stabilization and release. It will allow for certain scalability and you will avoid managing multiple front lines. If you have an in-house project manager, deploy them with the team of the vendor. And we strongly advise choosing an IT partner with a quality assurance team.

Added Value

You don’t have to necessarily pick a company that will provide IT consulting during the process, but you will certainly be better off if you do. The software development companies have evolved to take at heart the goals of their clients and their teams can be like an extension to the client’s. You will still be in full management control over tasks and priorities, while your tech partner will facilitate the process and support the developers involved.

Company Culture

Company culture is a term that is being thrown around a lot but still a few manage to build a healthy and goal-oriented software company. Don’t take it for granted, actually, it is a lot of work. It takes years of development, refinement and steps taken in the right direction. Look for a goal driven outsourcing partner with a good reputation and organic growth, one that has an open, people-first attitude and a long-term approach. 


Smooth and transparent communication that keeps you in the mix with the progress of the endeavor is at the root of a successful partnership. It is important to choose an IT company that will take the time to get to know your goals and needs and will offer a meeting with its technical team. Projects that start with solid foundation minimize the chances of delivering an unsatisfactory end result. 


In a huge industry like this one, if you don’t have a first-hand testimony, you still can gather valid information. 

Recently platforms like Clutch have become reliable databases for outsourcing service providers. They have established a stable rating system with feedback from clients that have already worked with the software companies. The recurring business of the vendor will also give you a pretty good estimation of how satisfied the rest of the clients have been to contact them again with other projects.