Flexible Hours and Remote Work at Melon

Flexible working hours

The way our society has evolved, going to work every day at a fixed and non-negotiable time frame, no longer meets our ways and means. That’s why the concept of flexible working hours has been pioneered by tech companies and is slowly being welcomed by other industries across the globe.


Small start-ups in which employees have higher autonomy, staff members can show up at work at any point they want. Medium companies, big organizations, and enterprises with more complex processes and structures have shifted to flextime, a version of flexible working hours, in which all employees must be present within certain hours of the working day. 

Melon’s flexible working time policy

Melon’s flexible working time policy is based on the flextime concept and it allows software developers to begin their 8-hour workday at any point, as long as it is between 8 am and 10 am. In this way, Melon’s team members need to be present at the office between 10 am to 5 pm and accommodate the rest of their day as they please. Outlining the necessary hours ensures that employees can count on their colleagues to be available in a specified timeframe while granting them a certain amount of time flexibility.

Benefits of having flexible work hours

Flexible working hours have an immediate beneficial effect on our teams. Having control of when to begin their working day and when to finish it unlocks a myriad of opportunities. They can choose to offset their hours depending on what they need or want to do. This puts developers in control of their work and personal lives. Also, flextime enables them to work at their most productive time of the day – some are morning people and some are afternoon people. And lastly, team members who are not frustrated because of combatting the two-hour traffic jam, are way happier and are nice people to have around in the office.    

Rumina Mateva from our marketing team says: “Flexible hours is a perfect ingredient for work-life balance, because I can choose how to manage my time. Personally, I prefer coming to work early in the morning because I can concentrate better in a quiet environment and afterwards I have the freedom to attend sports classes early in the evening.”

Work from home policy

Another way to increase flexibility is to enable developers to work from home, whenever circumstances require it. It can be a great way for them to tackle unforeseen events that disrupt their daily routines, such as doctor appointments, trips to the post office or to the bank. Additionally, work from home can really come in handy when a team member isn’t feeling at their best because of illness or any personal matter and can accumulate fatigue from tedious commuting. 

In a dynamic environment, flexibility is the key

To sum it up, a little flexibility can go a long way. The trend will continue simply because it’s the smart way to do business. Flextime is a great benefit to offer to all our current team members and to attract new valued additions. In a dynamic environment where a lot of issues require our attention, time and energy – flexibility is the best way to ensure that tasks will be well taken care of, both at life and at work.