Design is a powerful problem solving tool. That’s why, at Melon, user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and visual design combine into an important software service line.

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All Melon designers have sharp senses and infinite curiosity needed to translate users’ necessities – both problems and opportunities – into the right interactions with a certain software product, system or application.

With UX and UI in mind, we craft for a user in a context, not for separate specifications from a list. Our job is to boost user satisfaction by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure in the interaction with a service or product. Our designers tend to remove any unnecessary elements to focus on functionality and interactivity of the solutions.

How UX & UI design work at Melon:

Data gathering & requirements workshop

Research and interviews with the stakeholders to understand the audience and the objectives, to identify the most valuable features, to make design decisions and to prioritize to reach a group agreement.

User stories

A high-level diagram representing information hierarchy and organisation of screens and their flow. The aim is to structure and organize the content of the web and mobile software so that users would easily adjust to the functionalities of the product and easily find everything they need.

Map and information architecture

15+ years of augmenting development teams for partners across a variety of industries and sizes, enabled us to establish an organic process we claim with full confidence delivers results.


Schematic blueprints representing the skeletal framework of every individual screen. They show structures, or dummy content and imagery, calls to action, other elements and ad placements. They lack fonts, color, and final images то allow the designers to explore content, navigation and interactions separately from visual content.

Usability Testing

A.k.a. the designers’ sanity check. It’s the observation of users’ behavior when engaging with a product in development. An integral part of the UX process, the designers use it to explore concepts, navigation, content, page layout and functionality. It's a quick and easy way to test and validate a product before fully developing it.

Visual design

The second big phase is creating the look and feel to complement the UX solutions and to complete the amazing software experiences.

Here’s a list with some of our UX & UI projects

Creating a new modern UI theme for the QuickSearch Workbook web application. Web UI implementation over a complex user experience with parameterized colors, backgrounds, layouts, etc.

A sophisticated .NET management control and governance platform to help Flow&Ebb’s clients to track and reduce the risk posed by volatile commodity and raw materials prices.

Crowdfunding website for social ventures aiming to offer a new way of funding social change in the UK for Buzzbnk.

A mobile app, from UX design to Android development and quality assurance for the award-winning isometric system TAO Wellness.

An iOS app that allows users to become co-authors of novels in progress for Binary Books.

Native iOS and Android apps for Sofia International Film Festival.

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