Tips for Your Interview at Melon

Rui Gomes, Head of Web Development at Melon

To the interview … they will come on time, smiling and motivated. If they are late, they will call in advance and say when exactly they will arrive. Also, they are well informed about the company and the position they have applied for.

They are dressed… comfortably. Authenticity is the most important quality of the applicants and they should act naturally. After all, if they are invited to join our company, we will work with them every day. 

They never ask about… there are no forbidden questions. The ideal candidates will ask anything about the job that pops up in their heads. This way we will find what their interests are and what motivates them.

They are interested in… their job, their personal development and much more. We appreciate everyone’s individuality and interests and we create an atmosphere where everyone can both do their job well and feel at ease.  We organize leisure activities like backgammon, belote and video game tournaments that help people loosen up at work. 

In their motivation letters they write about… what they can do, what they want to do and why our company is the right place for them.  The successful applicants will explain how they will aid the company and vice versa.  

They are capable of… being part of a team, adapting to the specific dynamics and helping the colleagues when necessary. All of this is accompanied by their positive vibe. 

In their careers they strive to… develop – professionally and personally. We believe that when we help our employees to develop, our company develops together with them. And this adds to our success.

You can also see the article in Bulgarian.