Bulgaria is Offshoring Destination of the Year

Bulgaria was awarded Offshoring Destination of the Year at the European Outsourcing Association Awards 2015. 

The ceremony took place on October 8 in Lisbon and celebrated “the successes of outsourcing buyers and service providers who have demonstrated the very best practice in pan-European outsourcing.”

In its category Bulgaria was shortlisted against Slovakia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. 

The award is no surprise. It followed a number of prestigious international reports that highlighted Bulgaria as a top outsourcing provider worldwide, including services such as software development, visual design and system support. 

In 2014, Global Services Location Index™ A.T. Kearney ranked Bulgaria 9th top country and 1st outsourcing destination in Europe. Clutch, a Washington DC-based research firm focused on the IT market, ranked Bulgaria 5th top outsourcing country. And the consulting company Cushman & Wakefield’s report placed Bulgaria at the top place as the best outsourcing destination in Europe and at number 3 on the global scale.