MAPtoSNOW wins Best Mobile Application 2014

At the Bulgarian Web Awards 2014 ceremony last night, MAPtoSNOW for Android & iOS, our project for partner MapCase, won the award for Best Mobile Application.

The jury ranked category entrants based on the quality of their usability and user experience (UX), creativity, design and technology used. MAPtoSNOW was first selected as one of four Mobile category finalists, then our team defended our application at a live presentation before the jury and audience.

We are more than excited because we have been working with MapCase on this project for over two years now and it has been an amazing ride both literally and figuratively. Congratulations to the entire team, both from MapCase’s side and Melon’s, who have created a wonderful app indeed!

Why literally an amazing ride? Well, MAPtoSNOW is a mobile app for winter-sports fans that turns the mountains into your playground. It tracks your activities and you can collect pins of achievement and even awards. You can also compete against other riders in international contests to win prizes.

Its target audience is skiers and snowboarders, from rookies to experts. The app tracks speed, altitude, slope or lift kilometers covered, all entirely offline. It can accurately position you on the map and show you the route you have covered.

MapCase partners with over 300 ski resorts in a growing number of European countries, which allows MAPtoSNOW to offer useful information for each affiliated resort.

Made by winter sports aficionados, the app offers user experience and ease of use inspired by real-life situations. All you need to do to get going is start the tracker, put your phone in your jacket and enjoy the ride!