Hotels 4D and GPS Voice Navigation score 4 out of 3

Our winning streak continues and is starting to surpass our expectations. On June 28, Melon Mobile won four prizes at the Bulgarian Web Awards 2013. Hotels 4D and GPS Voice Navigation were distinguished in all three categories they were submitted and Hotels 4D even received the big jury award for Best Website. 

Our hotel finder and booking app, Hotels 4D was distinguished with the Industry Award in Tourism, hotel and restaurant management and the Professional Award in Functional design and usability. To our pleasant surprise, the jury also selected Hotels 4D as the Best Site of 2013 in the Industry Web Awards from a total of 48 nominees. According to the jury, these were the most contested categories. 

Our top-class navigation app for Windows Phone, GPS Voice Navigation, was selected as Best Mobile Application. 

Kudos to the sweet folks on the teams developing these two apps. Thank you guys, you rock! If you remember, a few weeks ago we introduced our Hotels 4D team on our blog. Soon, the mysterious GPS Voice Navigation team might also come into our spotlight.