The Melon

What we are goes far beyond our name.
The purpose of this page is to share with you the main ingredients of our brand and how the different pieces fit together. We’d like to truthfully, confidently and consistently convey our brand’s spirit to new team members, clients and friends.

Where we come from

Melon, part of K + C, is a software development services company. It was created through natural mergers of three software and new media start-ups in an emerging market. As most start-ups, these companies were founded by friends, who saw an opportunity in the booming digital world. In 2003, we merged into a single company focusing on custom web and mobile software development. In 2022, we became part of Kin+Carta, a dynamic consultancy, with highly specialized technologists, strategists and creatives across the globe to make the journey of becoming a digital business tangible, sustainable, and profitable.

Keeping an open, people-first attitude and having a long-term approach are the roots of our organic growth and good reputation. Our culture is shaped by the blend of fresh start-up mindset and established approaches of a seasoned company, self-initiative and mutual trust, focus and flexibility, naiveté and reason.

What we do

We build teams and deliver meaningful software solutions. Our software development talent spans from Web to Mobile across all top technology platforms, backed by DevOps, Cloud Operations and System Support, QA and UX/UI and Visual Design departments. We are especially good at building teams that closely match our clients’ needed technological skillset and experience. Our partners come from around the world and a variety of industries (finance, technology, entertainment, health care, energy, marketing, etc.) or company types (start-up, corporate, SME, etc.) We take their ideas to heart, try to be flexible and keep everyone well-informed and involved, as if we were sharing an office.

What we value

Being smart, being nice and making things happen are the three key ingredients that we truly believe make a quality partner. If one is missing, the other two are all but irrelevant

Being Smart

  • There is a sensible, common-benefit solution for most situations. We should not let ego, ignorance or stubbornness get in our way of finding one.
  • We act with the long-term in mind. Our most successful partnerships were built this way and we know no other model of decision-making would achieve this.
  • We can define what we are, and what we are not, trying to do.
  • We seek constant growth through learning. Especially in software, it holds true that the moment we stop learning, we start lagging behind.
  • We appreciate very much the ability to recognize the value in others and to work well within a team. No great thing can be achieved on your own.

Being Nice

  • We have a balanced ego, act humanly and appreciate a good laugh. This makes us pleasant company, even in stressful situations.
  • We talk the way we'd like to be talked to. Our goal is to understand and be understood. We provide and ask for visibility. Knowing what lies ahead makes everyone feel more at ease.
  • No one was born knowledgeable. We help others because we know it’s both right and gratifying.
  • We do not gamble with our integrity.

Make things happen

  • Faced with a problem, we offer solutions, not observations or excuses.
  • We are most productive when allowed space for decision-making coupled with matching responsibility.
  • We excel when working with smart, nice, and experienced people. The kind of people that aim to build the next big thing.
  • We know that results are a powerful motivator through awarding purpose to our work. Finding quality innovative solutions is a priority.
  • We are ready to adapt to our partners’ process. However, we also have a straightforward process of our own for troubleshooting or where none exists. Ultimately, it’s the result that matters, not the process.

What Gives Us Confidence

Fully aware that we are one of many similar software development companies, we aim to prove Melon is a trustworthy partner for those who choose us: clients and employees alike. We know we are on the right track because:

We are growing steadily as a company.
Most of our business comes from recurring clients and their referrals.
Small-scale projects lead our clients to continue working with us through long-term engagements.
Some of our most experienced people have grown with Melon becoming seasoned developers, project managers and partners.