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A long-term eLearning relationship with EBRD

About the project
Our relationship with this the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) unfolded in several stages, starting at the beginning of 2009. The first small step was their commissioning us to create several e-tests for employees and, a little later, to create eLearning course content. After a few such projects, our client was ready for a leap of confidence and chose to adopt our learning management system, Melon LMS, and our authoring tool, Melon Author. Ultimately, our client signed us up to provide ongoing support that continues to date. What convinced this major financial institution to make such a leap?
When EBRD initially contacted Melon, our first task was to design a series of graded training tests, which quizzed employees on the organization’s business processes and financial skills. We created six assessments using Melon Quiz, our test-authoring tool based on Flash 10. The main challenge was to ensure there could be no cheating in these self-attended online tests, so they could offer a good measure of employee knowledge and encourage competitiveness. To achieve this, we implemented several kinds of protection: timer that could not be paused; shuffling of question and answer order, and random selection of test questions from a larger database so no two tests were completely alike.
Once they were ready, our SCORM-compatible tests had to be deployed to our client’s own LMS, which at the time was provided by another external vendor. This deployment was challenging as the vendor did not cooperate and test integration turned out to be difficult and costly. This led us to suggest an alternative that would save our client money and time – adopt Melon LMS, our own SCORM-compatible eLearning solution. 
Satisfied with our approach and professionalism so far, EBRD made a decision to give Melon a shot as their LMS vendor. A major role in their decision to switch was the product value they saw in Melon LMS and the benefit of easy integration with the content we had created for them previously. The organization was so satisfied with the results of the initial trial, that a year after starting on a limited 200-user license, they upgraded to a full site license for unlimited use of Melon LMS. This service change necessitated content migration, which went smoothly due to Melon LMS’s flexibility. In 2010, our client commissioned a series of feature requests, adding business-specific functions to the system. We were aided in this task by our system’s easy customization. As of 2012, our client is still actively using and relying on our eLearning system.
These two steps (data migration and customization) were crucial in our client’s adoption of Melon’s eLearning solution and we are happy to say we passed this test without experiencing difficulties. In fact, at the end of 2010, we were also commissioned to integrate Melon LMS to our client’s SAP HR system to streamline new employee data import and test results access. As for our content creation projects, we remained EBRD's partner of choice and after finishing all requested tests, we were hired to create three new employee recruitment tests as wells several training courses using Melon Author, our eLearning authoring tool. 
Over 750 employees currently use Melon LMS in EBRD's entire organization (headquarters and country offices). We are our client’s preferred eLearning partner and continue to provide training development and support services as needed. So far we have implemented 10 tests and four courses and we provide ongoing support and hosting for the LMS. 
Our work together continues presently, as we are integrating the LMS to the client’s SAP learning portal to combine online and offline trainings and aggregate reporting.

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Release Date:
January 2011

Technology Used:
Melon LMS;
Melon Author;
Melon Quizz

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