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Knowledge-Oriented Resolution System (KORS) for Coca-Cola Hellenic Help Desk

The customer
The IT help desk of Coca-Cola Hellenic (CCH, a Coca-Cola bottling company) serves 28 countries in 20 languages. A major part of their daily work involves offering first level support over phone and e-mail to colleagues in other Coca-Cola operations across Europe, as well as Russia, the ex-Soviet countries and Africa. This case study is about successfully optimizing the work of a numerous international help-desk force by deploying multi-language web-based scripting software on a very large scale.
The challenge
Support desk staff are usually young and at the beginning of their work career. At Coca-Cola Hellenic, they had to acquire a sizeable amount of knowledge to work with the complicated legacy ticketing system. This posed one of the biggest challenges for CCH: how to help new employees quickly find their way around this complex system. However, CCH needed not just to speed up the learning curve of new employees; they were aiming for a comprehensive solution to make the overall help desk process as efficient as possible. To achieve this, they commissioned Melon to build an optimized, function-centered and intuitive help-desk scripting tool.

"In my previous position as a service desk specialist in CCH Bulgaria, I used to work with KORS as an operator and editor. My opinion is that the tool is really helpful because it speeds up the call process and resolution. The Application helps newly hired Service Desk specialists to be confident while handling calls, because even if the operator is not aware of the reported issue, he/she has the proper questions to ask in order to collect all the needed information. This decreases the time needed for operator training.From an editor’s point of view, all the necessary procedures that have to be provided to the operator are collected in one place, where they are easy to maintain and update."

Zornitsa Nikolova
Service Desk Effectiveness and Standards Specialist
Coca-Cola Hellenic - IS Shared Services

Defining the solution
The task is to create a tool building on the interactive voice response (IVR) technology and to integrate it with help desk employees’ computer and phone. The system has to recognize the callers, locating them in CCH employee database, and show caller ID and details. This allows looking up a history of previous calls to help the support person quickly gather the relevant background information. If a caller cannot be identified, the tool has to guide help desk staff to the shortest path that leads to identifying the caller (using a script). 
Once the caller is identified, the support person needs to find out what the problem is and how to solve it. For this purpose, a script with questions was developed. The logic behind this script is to divide the possible problems in a category tree so each issue can be registered in the proper category following an easy step-by step interactive process using a visual tool. In the end of this process, the issue is either resolved, or the phone operator can perform an action to solve it (e.g. a password reset). If no standard solution exists in the script, the issue is escalated, and a ticket is automatically submitted to the technical personnel for further action. 
Melon’s solution is the custom call-handling script software, or KORS (Knowledge-Oriented Resolution System), developed using AJAX rich client technology. It features a complex backend for authoring scripts, developed using ASP .NET 3.5 and SQL Server 2005, which allows many people from different countries to collaborate in different languages. The system also offers a workflow for script approval and publication as well as different user levels, depending on their need and permissions to edit information. This multi-language software supports scripts in 20 languages.
With scripts consisting of thousands of steps, meant to handle over 30,000 users, a complex solution such as KORS comes with numerous technical and usability challenges. One of them is to be available through a web interface so that time-consuming deployment on each individual computer can be avoided. It was indeed a worthy goal to develop such a vast system to be suitable for web and perform fast enough. The Melon team spent a lot of time on optimization to reach the desired performance of the web solution.
The design of the end solution allows distributed deployment and scaling out on a load-balanced environment to support the distributed help-desk workforce and the limited and expensive corporate bandwidth.
Having started working on KORS in the summer of 2008, Melon is currently working on its 3rd version. Initially deployed in two countries, six more were added in the 2nd version. With ver. 3, KORS is now implemented in the help desks of a total of 12 countries. The goal is to reach 20 countries by 2012. 
The tool Melon built for Coca-Cola Hellenic is now heavily relied on within the company and the client is very satisfied with our work. In addition to providing them with an efficient and working solution to meet their help desk’s needs, our work saved CCH significant deployment and maintenance costs for installation on desktop computers.

"KORS is a fresh, innovative support application that focuses on simplicity and user friendly interface. It brought a significant value while deploying Wave 2 in the countries by decreasing the time to train our country Service Desk colleagues. With the help of KORS, we managed to keep our First Call Resolution rates very high despite the fact that we introduced completely new applications which helped automate the business processes at Coca-Cola Hellenic. Currently the tool is helping us transfer the knowledge to first-level support teams in a very structured and organized way. I would like to thank Melon's team for leading our common project in a most professional and friendly manner, as well as for their flexibility, precision, and understanding!"

Iskra Valcheva
Systems Operations and Service Desk Team Leader
Coca-Cola Hellenic - IS Shared Services

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January 2011

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